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Swaragini 28th October 2015 Written Update

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Shekhar tells that they don’t have any way to save Ragini. Doctor asks them to keep the differences aside and take care of Ragini. Dadi tells that Ragini will be adamant to go back to her sasural once she gains consciousness. She wonders how we will stop Ragini? Annapurna declares that Ragini will go with us. Laksh asks what you are saying? Durga Prasad says truth is that Ragini is our bahu even now, and she is our responsibility also. Laksh refuses to take her home and says she is not part of my life. Shekhar says I can understand. Laksh says you can’t understand me and says they shall show CD to Ragini. He asks Sanskar to bring that CD to show Ragini. Sanskar is about to go, but Durga Prasad stops him. Swara comes out of room and tells Sumi that Ragini feels she wants to separate her and Laksh. Laksh says she is acting and asks how can everybody believe her. Durga Prasad says she was really electrocuted and says she can’t force doctor to lie. Laksh says she has gone mad and kidnapped her own mum. He says she even tried to kill Swara and says she would have taken her own life. Durga Prasad says she has done the same thing.

Laksh says I never loved her. Ragini hears him from the room. Annapurna says it is a matter of few days. Laksh says you don’t know that her mind is so dirty. Swara says even today you are doing a same mistake, and feels Ragini lost her memory. Ragini closes the door and takes the new photo frame which Dadi got clicked by the photographer. She recalls hurting herself and says this photo is incomplete as I am not in this. She recalls Laksh saying that he never loved her. She says my relations were snatched from me. She recalls Shekhar’s words and thinks Laksh can’t forgot me.

She says I tried to kill my sister, separated my parents, hurt my mum for you Laksh. She says I bear this wound for you, and what did you give me? You have betrayed me along with Swara and Sanskar. You snatched my world from me within one moment. She points finger at the photos and says her family is angry with her. She says I was my Dadi’s ego, but became shame for her. She says you hate my face Laksh, but you will have to live with me all our life. She says she will punish Sanskar. She says she will unite with Laksh and that too without Swara’s help. She says I will take back my win at my stride.

Swara tells Laksh that court will asked him to stay with Ragini for six months. Laksh agrees to take Ragini home and says he will act to be her husband also, and will prove her that she is feigning memory loss. Swara says I will call her. Dadi stops her and says she will bring Ragini. She thanks Laksh and goes. Shekhar thanks Durga Prasad for understanding their problem. Sujata thinks Ragini’s acting has started again. She tells that don’t know what will happen in the third part.

Durga Prasad asks Swara to pack her bags. He says Ragini will get doubtful if she doesn’t see swara at home. Sanskar says we will make an excuse and says Swara’s decision should be firm and not because of helplessness. Annapurna asks them to decide about their decision. Durga prasad says he is taking this decision for Ragini’s betterment. Shekhar says ok. Durga Prasad promises that he will make Swara his daughter in his house. Swara agrees to come to Maheshwari house for Ragini.

Ragini tells Laksh that she heard Swara crying and Sanskar shouting on her. Laksh is shocked and goes to Swara’s room. Swara asks what he is doing late at night in her room. Laksh says I was worried about you. Ragini comes there and questions Laksh, asking what he is doing in Swara’s room when Sanskar was outside. Laksh looks on surprised as she was the one who cooked up a false story of Swara crying.

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