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Swaragini 28th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar and Kissan going on the IGT stage. Malaika asks if Swara is his partner. Kissan says yes. Karan asks them to give nice performance. Kissan says yes. Swara and Kissan perform on the stage on medley songs. They sing and dance. Judges get impressed with them. Sanskar’s wig falls down while dancing. Swara sees it and recalls their meeting. She recalls Sahil saying that Sanskar and Kissan is one person. She slaps Sanskar shocking the judges. Sahil looks on. Swara goes from stage. Sanskar apologizes to judges. He goes behind Swara and says I was about to tell you after the performance. Swara asks him to keep quiet, says I know that you are a cheap man, but didn’t know that you

will fall so low. Sanskar says I will make you understand everything. Swara says I don’t want to hear you. She says I didn’t trust Sahil, but Kissan. She says how can I do a mistake. Sanskar asks for a chance. Swara asks what is your motive. She asks him not to take her name from his dirty tongue and says she will take legal action. Sanskar asks what? Swara says she will go to court and meet lawyer for divorce. Sanskar is shocked. Swara says I need divorce from you…Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Sanskar says you can’t do this. Swara says I will do this only as I can’t handle this anymore. She says I am leaving you. Sanskar is in shock as Swara’s words echoes in his ears.

Laksh tells Durga Prasad and everyone that Swara came to know the truth and she went from audition. Ragini asks where did she go? Laksh says I don’t know. Durga Prasad asks him to go and bring them home. Sanskar searches for Swara. Sahil says you will get find her. Sanskar says I will not leave you. Sahil says Swara is mine, you can’t win her heart. He says he is the one who had cut his wig. Sanskar asks why you are ruining our lives. Sahil says I play for win and I will win Swara’s heart. Sanskar says you can’t win as what is love is beyond your understanding. He says you will never get her. Swara is on road and thinks about Kissan, Sahil and Sanskar. She thinks I trusted you so much Kissan, but now you have ruined everything. She cries and calls Sahil. Sahil picks the call. Swara apologizes to him. Sahil says it is okay and asks where are you? Swara says I need to be alone for sometime. Sahil asks her to call him whenever she want. Sanskar finds Swara walking on road and asks her to give him a chance. Swara says I don’t want to listen. Sanskar makes her sit in his car forcibly. Swara cries. Laksh sees Swara calling for help while being in Sanskar’s car. He follows Sanskar’s call and thinks where he is taking her.

Swara is in some isolated place with Sanskar. Sanskar says this is the only way to tell about my truth. He says I have just one chance to make you realize my love, and says I am your husband and I love you. He says you have to listen to me Mrs. Swara Maheshwari. He says I will open your hands, but promise me that you will hear me fully. He opens her hand. Swara pushes him and runs from there. Sanskar runs behind her and brings her back to place. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Sanskar says never. Swara says you are a liar and will harm me. She says I will not trust you if you are last man on the earth. Sanskar says you are telling this to a person whom you love and trust the most. He says did you know that I have become Kissan from Sanskar, and says if I want, I can harm you right now. He says how can I take your life, whom I love the most, more than myself. He says I am not a murderer. He says I have shot bullet, but not at you. He says you was dead for everyone, but I was sure that you are alive and searched for you everywhere. He says our hearts beat together and will stop together. Swara looks on. Sanskar says when you returned, you don’t trust me and think that I am your murderer. I am Sanskar, how can I think bad about you. Swara asks if you are done, then let me go. She hears thunder storm and hugs Sanskar. She looks at him.

Sahil asks Swara to stop. He asks Sanskar and Laksh to move back and says Swara is mine. Sanskar shouts Swara as the bullet is shot.

Written Update by H Hasan

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