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Swaragini 28th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Swara comes to Rajat’s fake parents and says this is your reality? The man says we had to do this drama for Rajat. our son loves utara. Swara says you would have told us. I saw you two did. You are liars. My papa would never have said no. I will not this marriage happen. Swara says I won’t let her be your in your house. He says we will come with you. Swara says I will tell my family everything.
Pareneeti shows the video to Rajat.
Fake dad calls Rajat and tells him everything. Rajat says I asked you not to go to work.
Ragini calls Swara and asks where are you? Swara says I am coming. Listen carefully, this rajat. Fake dad kidnaps her.

Laksh asks Ragini why are you worried? Ragini says swara was so worried and her phone is off now, he says she will come back don’t worry. Fix my collar please.
Swara hits the man and the woman and runs away. Rajat comes and says swara stop. He attacks her with a knife. Swara falls on a stone. Rajat says go and catch her. Swara’s foot is bleeding. She throws stone on the and stands up. Swara picks the knife and says I will kill you if you come near me. Rajat says are you mad? She says I am not kidding. Don’t come forward. She throws dust in their eyes.
She hides behind a tree and tries to call.
Sujata says swara is not home. Ragini says her phone is off too I hope she is fine.
Rajat follows blood. They look for swara.

Anupama asks sanskar about lights. Sujata says how about sweets. He says everything will be done. Ragini says I am really worried for swara. Swara comes home. Ragini says oh God what happened to you.swara says I am fine. It was an accident. Sujata says what happened to you? She says I was crossing the road. I am fine now. Sanskaar says how this happened. He takes her to room.Anumpama says should we postpone function? Swara says no no I am fine.

Ragini cleans the wound. Ragini says why wasw your phone off. I was so worried. Swara says you should go downstairs. Sanskaar is here. I am fine. Ragini says are you concealing something? Swara says no. She says in heart I can’t say anything. Its too risky.
Parvati comes home. Sumi says sorry maa. For yesterday. I apologize on behalf of shekhar. Parvati says this is your child I don’t wanna say anything. Should have thought before. It will affect life of your daughters. I will raise this child too. Sit I will bring you milk. parvati mixes the med in the milk.
Swara comes home. Sanskaar dresses her wound. He says how this happened? She says I was crossing road and fell. He says you should have asked me. You could call me.
Parvati says drink this milk. Sumi says I knew you would be convinced. She is about to drink. Parvati says I am going to rest. Really tired. Parvati says forgive me God. sumi says you said something? She says no drink the milk.
Swara says I am fine. He says no you are not. He kisses her forehead. Sanskaar says are you concealing something?

Precap-Everyone is dancing. Rajat says to Swara you have to keep your mouth quite.The person you wanna save will be back when I marry utara.

Written Update by Atiba

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