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Swaragini 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Swara suffocating and coughing as the necklace tightens. Sanskar tries to take the necklace out, but can’t. Everyone panics. Urvashi tells Ragini that Janki is unhappy and that’s why all this is happening. She asks her to hear her mum’s voice. Later Ragini sleeps in her room and gets a dream. She gets a dream and hears a voice that janki asking her not to let Swara ruin her life like her mum ruined hers. Ragini wakes up and looks for Laksh. Laksh comes to room. Ragini says where are those papers. I want to sign on it. I can’t let Swara and Sanskar marry and unite? She signs on the papers. Laksh thinks I know that you can never change. You have kept happiness far from you by signing on these papers. He asks her to sleep. Laksh looks at the papers and switches off the lights.

Urvashi is seen in the temple late in night. She sees cloth over big utensil moving and lifts it. She sees a hand coming out from the utensil. A lady comes out wearing the waiter’s dress. She reveals her face. She is none other than Kavita. Urvashi smirks seeing her and says work is going on. Kavita says Ragini has started this story. She made me understand that Sanskar is my first love and I should stay with him. She says Sanskar have done so much for me and got me out of that life. I am alive just for him. She says she will separate Swara and Sanskar. Urvashi says Swara will suffer and will be punished for her mum’s doings. Urvashi says Ragini have heard her mum’s voice today. Kavita asks how did you do this? You went to Ragini’s house and have spoken in her mum’s tone. Urvashi says watchman is with her and says Ragini will separate them.

Swara asks why you have done this? Sanskar says I have seen Kavita there. Kavita tells about her conspiracies. Swara says Sanskar. Sanskar says I have seen Kavita among that waiters. Swara says I would have believed you if the necklace was stolen. She says Urvashi is doing all this. Sanskar says Kavita has a solid reason to break our marriage. Swara asks if you are having problem in forgetting Kavita. Sanskar asks are you serious? Swara says I can understand that she is your first love and it is difficult to forget first love. Sanskar asks really and says same question fits on her. He reminds of her promise that she will never doubt on him. Swara makes an excuse and goes from there. Urvashi says our plan is working, bat, flying plate, burnt kundlis, necklace attack, etc. She says our last attack will be tonight. Kavita says she will only marry Sanskar and will go to that house. She says she will take care of Ragini as she made her realize that Sanskar is hers.

Ragini calls Laksh. She thinks why did laksh go in night to give papers to lawyers. She says she is scared to stay alone in room. Swara comes home. Sumi says it is late night and asks her to sleep. Swara sees photo on Sumi’s photo and shouts calling for Urvashi. They switch on the light. Urvashi asks what you are calling me? Swara shows the garland on photo. Urvashi says janki has given sign that she is unhappy. Swara says everything is done by you. She says I think you should go from here. Dadi shouts Swara and says Urvashi is our guest. Swara says she can go in the morning. Urvashi asks Sumi, if she doubts on her. She says I will pack my bags. Swara buys train tickets on her laptop and gives her ticket. She says I will come to drop you. Urvashi acts to talk to Janki. Swara asks her to stop it else she will throw her right now. Sumi asks Swara if this is done by Urvashi? Swara says who can do this cheap conspiracy. Sumi says don’t know. Again later in night, Sanskar sees Kavita outside his room and follows her. Kavita smirks. Urvashi puts light on Sumi’s face. Sumi gets up and goes out. She hears someone humming the song. Swara wakes up and thinks where did Sumi go in night?

Sanskar happens to see something which is related to kavita and is shocked. Sumi sees Janki. Janki says I am back to take revenge on you for ruining my happy life. Sumi is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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