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Swaragini 27th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar coming inside the house. Sujata hugs him. Sanskar tells that he is fine. Sujata says he was scared. Police leaves from there. Sujata asks Sanskar not to leave from there. Sanskar says I will return soon, but not now. Laksh tells Sujata that his friend will feel bad, and says let Sanskar go and inform his friend. Sanskar says I will return mum.. and goes. Sahil asks Sanskar to stop and asks if his friend stays in Baadi. He says Kissan and you are one person. Sanskar looks on. Sahil tells Swara that Sanskar has disguise to harm her. Sanskar says he is lying. Swara is shocked and asks them to stop it. She says I need proofs. Sahil says if Sanskar is here, then Kissan should be there. Swara asks him to come. Ragini says I will also come. Parineeta asks her not to go and stress herself. Ragini says okay. They reach Baadi.

Swara comes to Kissan’s room and calls his name. She looks at Sanskar when nobody comes. Sahil says he will not come and asks Swara to come holding her hand. Swara asks him to leave her hand and says she will check by herself. She thinks about Sahil’s words that Sanskar is betraying her. Sahil smirks and asks if she found Kissan. Swara says no. They hear guitar’s sound. Shekhar asks from where it is coming. Sanskar, Sahil and Swara looks on. They go out and see Kissan playing guitar on the terrace. Sahil is shocked and asks Swara to believe him. Swara asks him why is he behaving aggressively and says you have changed your behavior and is rude to me. She says trust is needed in all relations. She says I know Kissan will not lie. I know that Kissan is not Sanskar and that’s why came here to prove you wrong. Sahil says he is saying right. Swara asks Sahil to leave.

Once they go inside. Sanskar and Sahil look at Kissan. Sahil goes there ad sees Laksh putting 3D image of Kissan which Swara saw. Sahil touches the image and says you betrayal. Sanskar thanks Laksh. Sahil says he will bring Swara and show them. Sanskar asks did you forget what she told you just now and asks him to stay away from her. Sahil is angry. Sanskar says you had promised to unite us, then why did you change your plan. Sahil says I have saved her life. Sanskar says I am grateful to you all my life and asks him to go away. Sahil says Swara is mine and I love her more than anyone else. He says she is my junoon and madness. Sanskar holds his collar. Laksh is shocked too. Sahil says I will bring your truth. Sanskar regrets for trusting him. Laksh says this means because of Sahil only, Swara couldn’t believe you. Sanskar says it was his plan to separate us.

Laksh asks Sanskar to tell his secret to Swara before Sahil does anything. Swara thinks Sahil was wrong and Sanskar is proved right. Ragini asks why did Sahil say that Sanskar is Kissan. Swara says I couldn’t understand. Sujata asks them to rest. Parineeta asks Ragini to rest and says she will make food. Swara sees Sahil’s many missed calls and calls him. Sahil talks to her rudely and asks where is she? Swara asks him to mind his tone and asks him not to call again. Sahil breaks the things in the room and says you are just mine…Swara…He looks angrily.

Sujata blesses Kissan and Swara and gives best wishes for IGT competition. She says it will be double happiness for her when Sanskar comes back. Kissan smiles. Swara looks on tensedly. While Sanskar is in the dressing room and practicing. Sahil comes there indisguise, and gives water to him. He does something. He thinks Sanskar’s truth will be out. Swara comes and asks Kissan to come. They go out and see the contestants performing. Sanskar/Kissan prays God to make them win. Sahil smirks. Sanskar prays to God that Swara shall accept him back again.

Swara and Kissan perform on the stage. Kissan’s wig falls down. Swara slaps him. She tells him that she will go to court and says she needs divorce. Sanskar is shocked.  

Written Update by H Hasan

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