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Swaragini 26th October 2015 Written Update

Dadi asks Ragini to go from there. Ragini nods her head and is leaving, but Swara holds her hand and brings her to do puja. Swaragini………………….plays………Swara holds her hand and starts walking. Everyone looks at surprisingly. Sanskar comes and takes elders’ blessings. Sujata tells that Laksh will not come as he don’t want to see inauspicious face of someone. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Dadi asks her to call Laksh, and says I will send Ragini inside. Swara says no, and says Ragini will not go anywhere. She says Ragini is part of family and have right to be with them. Dadi asks her not to argue and asks Ragini to go inside. Swara argues again and says I accept that everyone is angry with her. She says Ragini wants to rectify her mistake and asks to forgive Ragini. She says Sanskar also came to take revenge, but he realized his mistake and got forgiveness, then why can’t Ragini. Durga Prasad says there is a huge difference. Swara says I know, but…..Laksh calls Parineeta.

Parineeta tells him that they are happy as Swara is supporting her sister, and is not divorcing Sanskar. Laksh gets irked. Swara tells that today is Durga Puja. She says Ragini wants to win from her wrong doings and says Ragini wants to become like old Ragini. She asks Annapurna to accept Ragini as their bahu. Everyone is shocked.

Laksh recalls his conversation with Sanskar, and Swara. He types something on his laptop. He thinks about Parineeta’s words. He thinks he don’t want to see Ragini’s face. Annapurna tells I don’t believe that I refused to accept you as my bahu as you are bengali, and says I am happy as you are becoming Sujata’s bahu. Sujata tells I don’t want to make her my bahu. Ram asks her not to call anything against Swara. Annapurna says we are really lucky as you are becoming our bahu. She says we can’t oversee Ragini’s mistakes, and says she has done everything for Laksh. You would have done same things to get Laksh, but you didn’t do anything like such. Durga Prasad says you have reason to do this, as Laksh also loves you, but you didn’t do like Ragini and chosen to fall in everyone’s eyes as you love your family. He says Ragini didn’t think about her own family, mum, sis, dad, how can we make selfish Ragini, our bahu.

Annapurna says even if we agree, but Laksh’s wont and he is right. Ragini cries and runs to her room. Swara follows her. Ragini sees the open electricity box. Ragini tells her that she don’t want to do any drama and apologizes saying she has to do this. She pushes Swara and touches open wire to get electrocuted. Swara looks on shockingly and shouts Ragini………………Everyone panics and run to room. They see Ragini getting electrocuted. Sanskar removes the wire from her hand. Sumi and Dadi ask her to open eyes. Shekhar calls Doctor. Durga Prasad calls someone. Shekhar lifts Ragini and takes her inside the room. Sujata tells this girl is an actor. Ram says she is drying. Sujata says you didn’t know about her. Swara asks Doctor about Ragini.

Doctor checks Ragini. Laksh calls Swara, but she rejects his call. He calls Sanskar. Sanskar picks the call and gives call to Swara. Swara asks what? Laksh tells her that he will die if she didn’t come on kali ghaat within 15 mins. Swara asks what is this joke? Laksh says it is not joke and asks her to come. Doctor tells that she is fine. Swara leaves. She meets Laksh at the ghat and asks why he gave her warning. Laksh says you came for me. Swara says I would have come for others too. She says my sister needs me and was electrocuted. Laksh says oh God, Ragini started a new acting today. Swara says when I used to say that Ragini was lying, you never believed me, and now when I am saying that she has changed, then you are not believing me. Sanskar calls Swara and asks her to come home fast. Laksh holds Swara’s hand and says I will show you Ragini’s truth today. They start walking towards home.

Ragini and Swara dances during the durga puja. Laksh saves Swara from getting her foot injured and holds her in his arms. Ragini asks what you are doing with Swara, and says she wants to widen gap between us. Doctor informs Shekhar that Ragini forgot last few days of her life. Annapurna tells Laksh that Ragini met with an accident.

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