Swaragini 26th July 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 26th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ragini crying badly. Laksh pacifies her with a hug and says everything will be fine. He is also teary eyes. Sanskar looks at them. Ragini says she is not worried for her, but for Sumi. She says don’t know how she is feeling? Swara asks Sumi to have food and asks do you want to keep baba hungry. She asks her to eat food for Ragini and her. Sumi eats it. Swara says 4th spoon for….Sumi refuses to eat. Swara asks her to drink water. Sumi refuses. Swara asks her to sleep for sometime and says then I will bring your medicine. Sumi is still in shock with loss of her son. Shekhar is also sad. They think about Doctor saying that they can’t save their baby. Shekhar tells Swara that he is fine. Swara asks him not to turn his face and asks him to cry, says she is there to take care of him. Shekhar cries. Swara hugs him and cries.

Ragini apologizes to Annapurna and asks her to look at her once. Annapurna sees her face, and says but I can’t forgive you even after 2 years. Sujata asks Ragini not to act to be sad and says you will not get forgiveness. Ragini cries. She gets Swara’s call. Swara asks are you fine? Ragini says yes, and says she was serving dinner. Swara asks why you are sounding upset? Ragini says everything will be fine with time. She asks about Sumi and ends the call.

Sumi recalls falling down, and then Shekhar rushing her to hospital. She wakes up hearing baby crying and goes out. In the morning, Swara comes to Sumi’s room and sees her missing. She informs Shekhar and Dadi. Dadi acts and asks God to protect her bahu.

Swara looks for Sumi in the baadi and asks Maa, where are you? Sumi goes somewhere hearing baby cry. Swara calls Ragini and says Maa is missing. She asks if she came there? Ragini panics and says no. Sanskar says I will take out car and asks them to come. Sumi comes to that place where her son is there, her foot gets injured, but she continues walking. Annapurna asks Laksh to inform them.

Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar are on road. She sees a woman walking and says she is Maa. Lady beggar gives baby boy to another beggar and asks her to get double money. Woman says I have done arrangements and shows the milk bottle. Sumi comes there and says says your mum is coming. Lady beggar hears about someone giving food and blanket. She keeps the baby on stairs and goes to get blanket and food. Swara prays for Sumi. Laksh asks Sanskar and Swara to find Sumi at other side, and he goes with Ragini to search her. Swara says lets go to temple and search her. Sumi sees baby on stairs and crying. She sees baby crying infront of her. She runs towards him and lifts baby saying my babu…She says maa has come. She sits on bench there and hugs baby. Dadi talks to Nurse and asks her to send baby somewhere so that he don’t reach her back. Nurse asks for money. Dadi says you will get all money by tomorrow. Shekhar says Maa…Dadi turns and looks at him.

Dadi asks Swara why she is following her. Swara says I have seen you with nurse. Dadi is shocked. Later Sumi is seen killing Dadi ( may be Dadi’s dream).

Written Update by H Hasan

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