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Swaragini 25th October 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with the guy coming to Baadi and clicks his pics. He comes to Swara and Ragini’s house and introduces himself as Nikhil. Ragini thinks Swara told her about the cook. She asks him to come. Nikhil comes inside and tells that he has done MBA etc….Ragini says you will soon become great man. She thinks don’t know why he wants to become cook. She asks what you can make? Nikhil says he can make people fool and tell about the incident. Ragini asks her to make a dish with gourd so that she can know about his talent. Nikhil agrees. He asks who are you? Ragini says I am Swara’s sister. Nikhil thinks when we were together in childhood, she was not having any sister. Swara collides with Sanskar and falls in his arms. Sanskar asks are you blind? Swara asks him to leave her. He leaves her and she falls on ground. She is shocked and angry. Sanskar and Swara argue. He says I can’t get rid of you, as you find ways to stay in touch with me. Now you have come as wedding planner for Utara’s wedding. Swara says you have agreed and called me, and asks him to suffer. Inspector comes and tells that Laksh’s phone location is traced. Swara hears him and is surprised.

Nikhil shows the dish made of lauki and asks Ragini to taste it. Ragini tastes it. Nikhil says he will send recipe to his mum. Ragini goes to spit it. Inspector, Swara and Sanskar come to Baadi. Swara says this is our Baadi. Inspector says Laksh’s phone is traced and it is here. Ragini comes back and scolds Nikhil. She says it is full of chilli and tells that all the baraat will leave if he makes spicy food. Swara comes there and asks Ragini to cool down. She says Nikhil is her childhood friend, who will help them in event management. Ragini says you didn’t tell me about him. She says you would have told me that you are not a chef.

Nikhil holds his ears and apologizes. Swara asks her to forgive him. Inspector asks Constables to search in the baadi. They spot a bag and asks whose bag is this? Nikhil comes and says it is his bag. He says there is nothing in it and asks them to relax. Ragini asks Swara, why did Sanskar come with Police. Nikhil picks his bag. Sanskar stops him and holds the bag. Nikhil says excuse me. Sanskar says my brother is missing since 6 months and his phone is traced here, we will search your bag too. Constable comes and says phone is not found in Baadi. Inspector says phone should be here. Nikhil asks them to check his phone and bag too. Inspector asks who are you? Swara says Nikhil is my childhood friend, and have come to meet me.

Sujata asks Gayatri to tell if she needs anything. Gayatri says I am impressed with you, and says you have given us koti before marriage and asks her to give more. Annapurna is tensed. Gayatri says people call this dowry, but it is not dowry, but for your daughter’s luxury.

Nikhil says you are acting as if I have hidden your brother in it. Sanskar throws the stuff from the bag. Ragini sees phone and says it is Laksh’s phone. She gets emotional. Gayatri says Chirag is her only son and Utara will rule in the house now. Sujata gets happy. Gayatri hears the car sound and says Chirag’s papa must have come. Sujata asks when will Chirag come? Gayatri says before marriage. Nikhil tells him that he doesn’t know about this phone and don’t know from where it have come. Sanskar gets angry.

Precap: Sanskar questions Nikhil. Swara asks him not to do mistake again. Later Sanskar sees Nikhil confessing love to Swara and gets jealous.

Written Update by H Hasan

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