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Swaragini 24th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Annapurna telling about the puja. Maya comes and greets them for the collaboration. Annapurna says I hope good things happen with us. Inspector comes and says we came to arrest Swara Maheshwari. Laksh asks what she did? Inspector says murder of Sanskar Maheshwari. Everyone is shocked. Sujata cries and says he is lying. Nothing can happen to my Sanskar. Annapurna asks her to calm down and says this is not possible. Inspector says we have proof. He shows the burnt proof which he claims to get near the dead body. Sujata identified the watch and says she had gifted him. Laksh wonders how is this possible. Inspector says one more thing and shows the scarf. Ragini identifies it and says it is of Swara. I had given her. She says may be there is some misunderstanding. Laksh says I will call Sanskar, but his phone is unanswered.

Inspector says I have his phone and says it is main evidence. Sahil recalls stealing Sanskar’s stuff and Swara’s scarf. He recalls sending message from Swara’s phone to Sanskar’s phone threatening him. He tells Inspector that Swara can’t do this. Ragini says Swara can’t murder anyone. Sujata says what she is saying? Ragini asks Durga Prasad to tell Inspector. Durga Prasad says this might be a misunderstanding. Inspector asks him to tell where is Swara and says if you people waste our time, then I will arrest you all. Swara comes to Maheshwari house and asks Kissan to come, but he says he will come some other day. Inspector asks where is Swara? Swara says I am here. Inspector asks Constable to arrest her. Ragini says she is innocent. Swara asks what happened? Ragini says Sanskar is murdered. Swara asks if you are doubting me. Inspector says you had message Sanskar. Swara reads the threatening message and says I didn’t send any message. Sujata accuses Swara for killing her son.

Inspector asks where were you yesterday? Swara says I was here and then went to baadi. Sahil says she was with me. Swara asks why you are lying. She says she was practicing with Kissan in Baadi and calls him. Sahil says Kissan’s truth will be out now. Kissan tells the driver that he is going to practice at IGT and recalls giving his phone to Swara. Laksh says you mean to say that you came with Kissan here. Swara says yes. Laksh goes out. Inspector asks Swara to come to Police station and give statement. Ragini says Swara is innocent. Inspector asks her to come. Laksh runs out and sees Kissan standing. He hugs him happily and says thank god you are alive. Sanskar says I am alive. Laksh says Police came to arrest Swara on your murder charges. Sanskar is shocked. Ragini says you can’t arrest Swara. Inspector says we have proofs. Sahil says she is innocent. Laksh says I have to safe Swara. Laksh says she will hate you if you go inside in this get up. Sanskar says he don’t care about himself. Sanskar comes home in Sanskar’s clothes. Sahil is shocked. Laksh says Sanskar is alive. Everyone is happy. Sahil fumes with anger.

Swara and Kissan dance on IGT stage. Kissan’s wig falls and Swara sees Sanskar indisguise of Kissan and slaps him hard surprising the judges.

Written Update by H Hasan

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