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Swaragini 24th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

Swaragini Maha Episode:

The Episode starts with Maheshwari family coming to Shekhar’s house. They greet each other. Shekhar asks Sanskar to give the bouquet to Swara as he brought it for her. Sanskar shyly gives it. Laksh talks to Ragini. Sujata worries and thinks she has to eat non veg food. Dada ji says Sumi makes delicious marwadi veg food. Sujata is relieved and happu. Everyone sit to have food. Sumi is about to sit beside Shekhar, but Urvashi sits beside him. Sumi sits on other chair. Annapurna tells Dadi that they shall start with the marriage functions. Dadi asks Sumi to bring something. Urvashi says I will bring and goes inside. Swara who is keeping eye on her, goes inside on the pretext of getting water. She comes to kitchen and finds Urvashi taking the dal. She checks the taste of dal and thinks it is fine.

Swara takes Annapurna and Sujata’s blessings. Sujata gives her shagun gifts and blesses her for happy life. Dadi asks Urvashi to keep all nek inside. Urvashi takes the gifts inside. Swara keeps an eye on her activities. Urvashi asks what happened? It seems you are keeping an eye on me. She says someone is keeping eye on you, and that’s why jiji. She isn’t happy with you. Dadi sees Sumi’s nose bleeding suddenly and calls her name. Swara and Ragini get concerned for her. Doctor comes and prescribes some medicine. He asks her to rest. Ragini sees bandage on Sumi’s feet and asks about it. Swara also asks her. Ragini says you doesn’t know. Swara says I was not at home. Ragini scolds Swara for not taking care of Sumi. Swara asks her to tell Sumi to take care of herself. Sumi tells her that nail had pierced in her feet. Swara and Ragini laugh and is about to give hi five. They realize their difference and get silent. Swaragini plays. Laksh and Sanskar looks on. Shekhar is happy seeing his daughter talking.

Doctor says he will give TT injection to Sumi. Urvashi says my jiji is not happy and that’s why all this is happening. Durga Prasad and Annapurna ask her to think positive. Ragini invites them for Makar Sanskranti party. Urvashi asks did you do all the arrangements? Sujata says she is a boss and that’s why have done the arrangements. Ragini asks Swara to take care of Sumi, and asks Sanskar to come home fast as tomorrow morning will be puja. Laksh asks Sumi to take care and leaves. Swara and Sanskar are together. He tells her that he is always with her and asks her to take care. He kisses on her forehead and asks Sumi to get well soon. He says you have to fly kite with her.

Next day Gadodia family come to Maheshwari house. Ragini sees the arrangement and goes inside. She tells Laksh that she heard about an fortune teller/ astrologer woman coming there, and asks him to come. Sanskar teases Swara and calls her raw lemon. Swara says you are mean. I don’t want to talk to you. I hate you. Sanskar says but I love you. She says she will support her baba’s team. Sanskar says I will win. Swara says no, I will win and you shall eat lemon. Sumi and Shekhar fly kite. Sanskar laughs. Laksh and Ragini fly the kite and romance. Everyone fly the kite happily. Urvashi tells Dadi that her jiji used to fly kite, but her life’s kite is cut by someone. She is irked seeing them flying kites. Sanskar cuts Ram’s kite. Sujata asks him not to cut the kite. Ragini’s kite is cut and that’s why she gets sad. Laksh takes her out to have chaat. Urvashi tells that she can feel her jiji’s pain and tells Dadi that she is talking to her. She says she can understand her pain.

Sanskar and Swara look in the sky. Shekhar kite is cut next. Sanskar identify someone’s kite which is flying high up in the sky. Swara sees Urvashi going somewhere and follows her. Sanskar cuts the kite and looks for Swara, but she is not there. He wonders where did she go? She comes to jungle following Urvashi. She thinks she has to find out what Urvashi will do now? Just then her dupatta is stuck on to the tree. Interestingly Sanskar also comes to jungle searching for Swara. Swara walks deep inside the jungle tensedly. Just then she falls down because of the thread tied on to the tree. She thinks who has tied this manja here. She tries to cut the thread and it hurts her hand. She finds a kite there and manages to pick it up. She says this is the same kite…..Sanskar thinks Swara is strange. She went into jungle to avoid me, and says princess….your prince is searching you. Just then someone attacks her with manja thread and ties the manja around her neck. Swara feels suffocation. Sanskar shouts her name. Just then Sanskar falls and his phone falls down. Swara faints.

Ragini and Laksh come after having pani puri. Ragini tells Laksh to come to meet Astrologer. Laksh asks her to come. Astrologer asks him to sign on the paper and says she will tell his future. Laksh signs on the papers. Astrologer tells that happiness is going to come in your life. Laksh says happiness is with him. Ragini smiles. Next Ragini’s turn comes. Ragini signs on the papers. Astrologer sees her future in a ball and says danger….and says something bad will happen with you. Laksh doesn’t believe him.

Astrologer says but you will win. Ragini says what she was saying? Laksh takes her outside, and tells Ragini that they will pay her money. He goes. Sanskar gets the kite and sees blood on it. He shouts Swara and looks for her. He sees her unconscious and runs towards her. He asks her to open eyes. Swara opens eyes. Sanskar asks her not to say anything. Swara faints again. Laksh comes to Astrologer and pays money for telling his fortune. Astrologer gives him paper signed by Ragini. Laksh thanks her and says I will use this paper and file for divorce. How can I forget whatever you have done? I will snatch everything from you. You will not be the owner of the house, and also my wife. One side, Swara and Sanskar will marry and at the other our relation will end. Sanskar brings Swara holding her while she is unconcious. Everyone is shocked?

Laksh stops Ragini from coming in their room. Ragini asks what wrong did I do Laksh…tell me. Laksh says it is enough and asks her to leave. Ragini is shocked and tensed.

Written Update By H Hasan


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