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Swaragini 23rd October 2015 Written Update

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Swara tells that she don’t want to take divorce and says she thought enough about their advice. She says Baba was right as some relations are meant to stay. She says when you all are sure about our relation then I am ready too. Dadi says you said right and is happy with her decision. Durga Prasad asks Laksh if he want to say something. Laksh says nothing. He comes out and see Sanskar. Sanskar says you called me by mistake, and I heard everything. I got worried and came here. He says it is your mistake, first you got married to Ragini and now forcing Swara to marry you. He says you have done a mistake, but accuses others. Laksh says Swara wants to punish me. Sanskar asks him to give some time to Swara. Laksh says you want me to be happy always. Sanskar says I want happiness for you always. Laksh asks him to convince Swara for divorce. Sanskar says I will talk to her, but will not force her for divorce. Annapurna asks Sanskar when did he come? Laksh says he came just now. Durga Prasad says Swara asked for time to think about this relation. Annapurna says I am happy. Durga Prasad reminds Sanskar about his promise.

Ragini asks Swara not to ruin her life and think about her happiness. She says we want your happiness and it lies with Laksh. She says you don’t love Sanskar, and Laksh don’t love me. She asks her not to make her feel down in her own eyes and says God has given her a chance to rectify her mistake. Swara says I trust you and says I will help you get Laksh’s forgiveness. She says I told lie to everyone, and don’t want to keep marriage with Sanskar. She says she needed some time. She says Laksh is your husband for me and I will unite you both. She says there is nothing important to me than your happiness. Ragini hugs her.

Sumi tells Swara that Sanskar came. Swara says it is good, I need to talk to him. She goes to talk to him while Ragini looks on. Dadi talks to Sanskar and is happy. Shekhar tells I will be happy if Swara gets life partner like you. Swara and Sanskar go out of house to talk. Swara recalls Sanskar confessing love to her, and then Swara accepting to give a chance to their marriage.

Swara says sorry and says I asked for time to think before talking to you. Sanskar says I heard everything. Swara says I have become selfish and took you for granted. Sanskar says you have right on me, we are friends and asks what do she want? Swara says Laksh wanted to do drama in the house and that’s why she lied to stop him. She says Laksh is Ragini’s husband for her and she wants him to accept Ragini. Sanskar says you are saying that Ragini shall get Laksh, for whom she has done many wrong things. Swara says Ragini is changed now and want me and Laksh to unite. She says few things we can’t change just like Ragini and Laksh’s marriage. Sanskar asks if she is sure about Ragini. Swara says yes, and says I am feeling bad for you. She says I will tell everyone that we need divorce and will asks them to think about Ragini’s divorce. Sanskar says they will not agree.

Sanskar says whenever I need a friend, you will stand by me, and I will stand by you. Swara says I don’t want you to help me. Sanskar asks her to accept Laksh. Swara says no, and says Laksh is Ragini’s husband and will always be. Sanskar says this is what I want to hear. He goes.

Dadi gets All set and smiles viewing herself in bengali fashion. Sumi and Ragini glimpse on and smile. Dadi suggests she will simply click her selfie together with her pallu on. Swara and Ragini act to Participate in shank. Swara brings Ragini within the frame, which irks Dadi. Dadi states We’ll head out. Sumi claims both of those Swara and Ragini are searching wonderful. Shekhar asks them to come back, Durga Prasad has arrive. Shekhar welcomes Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad claims Swara acknowledged our family members, so we could make this happen for her. They want one another for Durga puja. Annapurna says Laksh experienced imp get the job done, he will come and asks about her saree. Sumi compliments her. Ragini tellsshe received’t occur. Swara asks her to come.

Sujatha prays to Lord and says Swara is bengali, and she or he won’t need to make her bahu. She seems to be at Ragini and asks Annapurna why did Ragini occur here at this excellent time. Dadi hears them. Sujatha asks Annapurna to ship Ragini, else new drama will start out. Annapurna claims I understand you might be indignant. Dadi asks Ragini to go from in this article. Ragini commences leaving. Swara goes following her and stops Ragini.

Swara and Ragini dance in the durga puja.

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