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Swaragini 22nd June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar saying it is impossible to catch the done, although 11 countries police are on his look out. Sahil wonders how did he come here? Kissan asks if you was searching me Sahil. Swara asks where was you? Kissan asks why you are staring at me. Sahil says I thought you are not here. Sanskar says he was in loo. Sahil says I will go to washroom and come. Sumi says I will make kada for you. Sahil goes to washroom and thinks from where did he come, and thinks everything is alright. He goes. Once they all leave, Sanskar thanks God and asks him to return his love. Parineeta comes to talk to Doctor about aborting a child. Ragini comes to the hospital and informs laksh. She goes to meet the doctor. Parineeta comes back from washroom. Ragini shows the tablet to Doctor. Parineeta scolds the receptionist and peeps in Doctor’s room. She hears Doctor telling Ragini that it is a powerful abortion tablets. Ragini understand that it is Parineeta’s work. She asks Doctor when to bring her mum for sonography and says Sumi will deliver hr child in Banaras. Parineeta is shocked to know that. Ragini thinks what I will do with you. Parineeta thinks I will use your fake pregnancy for my advantage.

Annapurna buys sarees. Sujata says she is very happy today. Ragini comes. Annapurna asks Ragini to buy a lehenga for herself. Ragini says I don’t need new lehenga. Sujata says we kept puja for you, and will inform everyone that you are pregnant. She asks Ragini to buy best lehenga. Parineeta comes and taunts Ragini. Ragini also taunts her. Parineeta says jr. Gadodia will come. Everyone looks on. She says I mean he will be both Gadodia and Maheshwari. Annapurna asks Ragini to select lehenga. Ragini says she is feeling tired. Sujata says she will bring fruits for her. Parineeta also goes. She brings milk for Ragini and says Sujata told that badam milk is good for baby. Ragini looks on. Parineeta says I will take care of you. Ragini asks did you add abortion pills with badam in the milk. Parineeta is shocked. Ragini says you was not successful, and that’s why might have added it again. She asks Parineeta if she remembers anything.

She says I can’t believe that you will stoop so low. She says you was with Rajat in Swara’s accident. I kept quiet for family, but not anymore. She says you have stoop much low now, I will tell everyone that you have tried to kill my baby. Parineeta says abortion will happy if you are pregnant. Ragini is shocked. Parineeta says I am saying right? Ragini asks what do you want to say? Parineeta says you know better and smirks. She says I have heard your conversation with Doctor. She says I want to know what Swara will do when she comes to know about your fake pregnancy. How she will react? She asks shall I tell your truth to everyone, and says you are lying to support your mum. She asks how can you act so much. She says we will do simple deal, and says I will keep your secret as secret as you have to keep mine. She asks Ragini to shake hand.

Sanskar calls Laksh and asks him to end drama fast. Sanskar says let me win IGT first and then I will win her. He says Swara hates lies but I am lying with her. Laksh says I miss you. He ends the call. Sahil comes to Swara’s room late at night when she is sleeping and says Swara…you are mine. He says Sanskar can’t win and I will make him lose. He takes Sanskar’s stuff from cupboard and hides as Swara wakes up. Swara thinks it might be her superstition as she hears the sound. Sahil hides in the cupboard and escapes later. He thinks nobody can come inbetween us.

Inspector tells Laksh that they came to arrest Swara. Sujata scolds Swara as Inspector tells that Swara has killed Sanskar. Ragini tells that her sister can’t do anything.

Written Update by H Hasan

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