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Swaragini 22nd August 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Adarsh telling Ragini that Swara has spoiled his plan and tender went from his hand. He asks what does Swara think of herself? If she thinks herself as smart? Swara comes and says ofcourse bhaiyya. She asks him to make them meet their brother, and says they will take Durga Prasad’s signatures on the papers. Adarsh agrees and says he will make them meet their brother tonight itself. Later in the evening, Ragini and Swara see Adarsh bringing a woman and baby. Ragini identifies Chotu’s voice and tells Swara. They get happy. Adarsh tells Annapurna and Sujata that he has seen this woman and baby on the construction site, and she asked for help, so he brought her home for baby’s safety. Annapurna says you did right. She asks him to take her to guest room. Sujata asks what is her name? Adarsh says she can’t speak. They feel pity on her. Swara and Ragini get doubtful. Adarsh takes woman to guest room and says this is your room. Ragini and Swara go to that room and looks at their brother emotionally. They were about to touch the cradle, but just then crackers blasts. Ragini and Swara get shocked. Adarsh comes and asks did you get Diwali feel today. He says he can make big blast also if his work is not done. Swara feels strange smell. Adarsh says yes, and says if you both try to get close to baby then he will die. He touches the cradle and asks Swara if she can identify its smell. Swara says barood/gunpowder. They are shocked.

Adarsh says I have remote and says baby’s taweez will blast if he presses the button. Swara and Ragini cry. Baby also cries. Ragini asks why you are doing this. Woman comes and holds the baby in her hand. Swara asks woman to be careful while handling baby. Adarsh asks them to take sign of Durga Prasad else baby will be killed. Baby cries in woman’s lap. Adarsh takes baby and asks him to tell his sisters to take signs fast else he have to die. Ragini and Swara cry. Adarsh puts baby in cradle again and leaves. Ragini and Swara look at baby emotionally with teary eyes.

Later Swara tells Ragini that she will tell everything to Sanskar. Ragini says if you tell everything to Sanskar then Adarsh might kill baby. Sanskar comes and asks what they are hiding from him. Swara asks when did you come? Sanskar says when Ragini was asking you not to tell me something. Ragini says yes, and says I was telling her not to tell you that she is missing you, else you would have left work and come. Sanskar gets glad and says yes, even I was missing her. Ragini asks Swara to talk to Sanskar and goes. Sanskar hugs Swara. Swara thinks I can’t tell you anything even if I wants. Sanskar asks Durga Prasad to read the papers before sending. He is reading the papers. Ragini looks on. Ram calls Durga Prasad and asks him to send file fast. Laksk asks Ragini to bring file from room. Ragini says okay and goes. She brings file and gives to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad looks for his pen. Adarsh looks on.

Durga Prasad signs on the papers. Swara says I will give and takes file from his hand. She slips file intentionally and says sorry. Adarsh says I will help you, and gives other papers to someone. Durga Prasad asks Laksh to come with him. He forwards his hand. Swara takes out paper and gives it Adarsh. She asks him to give chotu. Adarsh says court is closed tomorrow, so I will file papers on Monday, as I don’t believe on your extra smart mind.

Sujata sees Adarsh hugging woman and asks him. Adarsh says woman fell unconscious so he was holding her. Later Ragini and Swara see black color water falling down just as water is sprinkled on her. They find something confirming their doubt.

Written Update by H Hasan

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