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Swaragini 22nd January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Swara coming to Sanskar and tells him that Pandit ji took out mahurat after 15 days. She says our marriage is auspicious, and asks him why he is lost and confused? Sanskar says it is not like that. Swara says you looks sweet, little, cute boy….Sanskar asks do I look sweet, little, cute boy? Swara says yes. They get close and have an eye lock. Sanskar tries to kiss her. Swara says anyone can see us. Sanskar says let them see, and is about to kiss her, but just then Sumi calls her. Swara asks him to let her go. Sanskar asks her not to call him cute. Swara says okay. She asks him to come to Baadi tomorrow, and says you are really cute. Shekhar asks Urvashi why she was saying it was inauspicious? He says we took you as we thought you as our family and regrets to take her with them. Urvashi gets down the car. Shekhar and his family goes. Urvashi talks to her jiji and asks her to make them belief that she is here. Shekhar’s car stops. Sumi and Swara see Urvashi there.

Sumi asks Swara to call Urvashi. They get down the car, but couldn’t see her. Shekhar asks them to sit in car and says it might be Urvashi’s drama. Swara says I will call her. Laksh talks to lawyer. Ragini brings rasgulla. Laksh asks her to sign on the papers if she has time. Ragini laughs and says she will sign, but before that asks him to have rasgulla. Laksh asks her not to be stubborn. Ragini insists. Laksh says okay and eats it. The sugar syrup falls on the papers. Laksh scolds her for ruining the papers. Ragini gets shocked seeing his anger. Laksh says he was just acting and asks her to make him eat rasgulla again.

Ragini asks him not to joke with her again and says you are my life. I get scared of the thought of losing you. Laksh says okay and pushes her on bed. He thinks about lawyer’s words asking him to get her sign without two days, and gets intimate with her. Shekhar, Sumi and Swara come home and see Urvashi already at home massaging Dadi’s feet. Dadi scolds Shekhar for getting Urvashi down the car. She says Urvashi wanted to go, but I asked her to stay till Swara’s marriage. Shekhar says I don’t have objection with her stay, just asks her not to do anything in marriage.

Sanskar and Swara meet outside. Swara says something. Sanskar asks her not to joke with him again and says we will be together always. He sees flowers there and says these are Kavita’s favorite flowers. He says Kavita is trying to separate us. Swara asks what you are saying? Sanskar says Kavita is the one who is trying to separate us. They see Kavita going with someone. Swara calls Kavita. Kavita greets them and congratulates them for their engagement. Sanskar asks if she is trying to separate them and tells about the happenings. Kavita says she came with her friend to watch movie, after forgetting everything and says I wish you do the same. Swara apologizes to her. Kavita leaves. Swara asks Sanskar why he is getting hyper?

Sanskar says I have seen her there. Swara asks him to come as he has to come to Baadi for lunch. Sanskar tells Swara that someone want to stop their marriage. Swara is doubtful too. Urvashi talks to janki in sleep or pretend to talk. Sumi wears chappal and nail pierced inside her feet. She shouts. Shekhar comes and asks what happened? Dadi asks Shekhar to clean the blood. Urvashi comes out of room and asks what happened? Dadi tells about it. Urvashi says she will clean the blood and holds the nail.

Ragini tells Swara that she feels that this marriage will not happen and says we shall not do this drama. Swara asks her to go if she don’t want to attend her marriage. Urvashi comes. Ragini says someone needs me. Swara says they are also not happy with my marriage. She recalls the happenings.

Astroger lady says something bad is going to happen. Swara and Sanskar fly the kite. A lady is seen rolling up the thread roll and the thread covers Swara’s face suffocating her.

Written Update By H Hasan


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