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Swaragini 21st October 2015 Written Update

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Swara asks Dadi that you people have decided everything and just doing formality by informing me. Dadi asks her to listen to her once. She says true relations are the ones which stand during tough times and says your and Sanskar’s relation are like that. She says you and Sanskar got together when no one was believing you. She says when I saw you both together then I thought that you relation is blessed by God. Shekhar says some relations are made by us, and some relations are made by God. Swara recalls Sanskar confessing love and Laksh asking her to marry him. She apologizes and says I can’t hear anymore. I can’t do what you all want to me do and goes. Dadi asks what happened? Why she is worried?

Sanskar tells Laksh that Swara don’t love me. Laksh says I know about her feelings, and want to know about your feelings. He says you said that you loves Swara in drunkard state. Sanskar says yes, and says I was drunk at that time. It is a lie so that we can bring Ragini’s truth infront of all. Laksh asks did you really lie? Sanskar says yes. Laksh gets happy and says no one can stop us from uniting. Sanskar says Swara said otherwise. Laksh says Swara still loves him and whatever she said was in anger. We are destined to be together and unite..He hugs him and says he is very happy. Sanskar gets teary eyed and recalls Swara. Parineeta calls them and says lawyer came. Laksh says everything will be fine now.

Lawyer gives the papers to Laksh. Laksh signs on the papers. Sanskar asks lawyer about the divorce papers. sujata is happy. Lawyer gives him papers and pen asking him to sign. Sanskar is about to sign, but Durga Prasad stops him shockingly Laksh. Sujata says Sanskar wants to divorce Swara and asked for papers himself. Durga Prasad says I said that I will talk to him. Sanskar asks what happened?

Swara asks Sumi, what happened to her and why she wants her to continue her marriage with Sanskar. Sumi says we want to know about your heart talk. Swara says I don’t want this marriage. Sumi asks her to think about Sanskar once. Swara says i don’t know him and that’s why don’t want to keep marriage with him.

Annapurna tells Sanskar that Ragini and Laksh will be divorced, but you shall give chance to your marriage with Swara. Sanskar looks at Laksh and refuses. Sujata says matter is end, and we shall not force him. Annapurna says you said that you loves Swara. Laksh says he don’t mean that and was drunk. Durga Prasad says they are talking to Sanskar. Sanskar says I need divorce. He asks if Swara want to stay in this marriage.

Sumi tells Swara that there will be Many of us are going to be split relation Along with the accusations, but there will only be several people who life upto expectation. Swara accepts that Sanskar is ideal partner, but suggests she desires divorce asking her never to take a look at this all over again. Sumi claims okay and states this relation will not continue on right until you the two concur. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar, if Swara claims Sure, then if he will also say Of course. Sanskar is silent and tries to go away. Laksh stops him. Sanskar asks him to Allow him be by yourself for sometime. Sujata asks why did you try this? You have got perplexed him. Durga Prasad claims his selection issues to us. Sujata says we’re not accomplishing Improper and claims ragini has spoiled all the things. She says we shall get Laksh and Swara married. Durga Prasad receives angry and suggests relationship is just not a sport. He asks her not to tell this all over again. Laksh stands shockingly.

Swara thinks about Dadi and Sumi’s text. just then her cellular phone rings and it is Laksh on one other side. She disconnects the call, but he calls yet again. Swara picks the decision. Laksh states he need to have to speak to her about divorce. Swara claims I don’t desire to communicate and disconnects the decision. Ragini hears them. She comes inside Swara’s home and usually takes her cellular phone. She calls on Laksh’s quantity. laksh picks the call and says I know that you enjoys me even now, but is offended. he many thanks her and suggests I understood that you’ll get in touch with me. Ragini claims I am Ragini….Laksh asks how dare you call me from her cellphone. Ragini suggests I wish to do penance. Laksh states I will not fall inside your entice, and will deliver Swara in my everyday living. He states Swara is mine and will always be. ragini will get teary eyed.

Durga Prasad asks Swara, how can they accept ragini. Annapurna says Laksh will never accept Ragini. Ragini pushes Swara and holds open electricity wire in her hand.

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