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Swaragini 21st July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara asking Dadi why she tried to kill her mum’s baby. Dadi says you will not understand and asks her to keep quiet. Annapurna says I can’t forgive Ragini, but whatever you have done is very shameful thing. How can you think of killing your own heir, he is your own blood. Durga Prasad says I am feeling ashamed on myself as we have made relations with you, who is stone hearted and tried to kill an innocent life. He asks her to get out from his house. Dadi leaves. Sumi folds her hands. She comforts Ragini and hugs Swara. Shekhar and Sumi leave from there. Parineeta tells did you see? I care for this family even now. I have brought their double face infront of you all. They have just acted to care about our family. Annapurna says you don’t care about our family, else wouldn’t have done this infront of all. She says you didn’t come to tell truth, but to insult us. She says I don’t want to see your face, just get out. Parineeta says I tried to tell your truth before, you didn’t listen, I don’t have any other way. Adarsh asks Parineeta to leave.

Swara holds Parineeta’s hand asking her to leave. Parineeta says you people aren’t doing right. She says okay, listen to me. She says this house will never get heir. Everyone is shocked. She says when I couldn’t give you heir then your other bahus only will not give. She says Maheshwari family will not go forward, and children voice will never be heard in this house. Jai Kali Maa plays………….She says this is my shrap/curse. Everyone is shocked. Ragini cries and is shattered. Everyone looks at her. Dadi recalls Shekhar holding her responsible and Durga Prasad asking her to get out, Swara asking her why did she try to kill her mum’s baby. She falls down. Sumi and Shekhar try to hold her, but she brushes off their hands. She opens the lock and gets inside. Sumi and Shekhar also get in.

Ragini apologizes to Annapurna and says I have done this to protect my mum’s baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you all. Annapurna says I don’t want to see your face and there is nothing left to hear now. Ragini says Maa. Annapurna says family…you called this as family. If anyone do this with their family. You didn’t try to talk to me even once. She says if you would have told me then I would have supported you. You didn’t say anything when I kept the puja, and even today you have kept pillow on your tummy and sat for the godh bharayi rasam. She says you have forgotten the duties of a bahu and don’t value us. She says if you really care for us, then you wouldn’t have done this. Durga Prasad asks her to stop it.

Annapurna says it is between saas and bahu. She says she did a mistake by getting her son married to her. Ragini cries. Laksh is shocked. Annapurna tells laksh, you have hidden this big truth from your mom and supporting her even now. She says I can’t bear this anymore. She asks Durga Prasad to come. Durga Prasad goes with her. Sujata asks Swara not to become like her sister Ragini. She says we can forgive Laksh, but not Ragini as she has not done this for first time. She says Ragini have done this intentionally. Sujata and Ram also leave. Swara is about to leave. Ragini holds her hand and asks do you think that I am wrong. You are also leaving me. Swara says you are wrong and brushes her hand. She says why you take wrong path to make everything right. She asks why don’t you have strength and prove your point rightly. Swaragini plays…………….

Dadi determines to take revenge on Sumi for the insult. Ragini and Swara talk to Sumi on phone and asks her not to do heavy work. Just then they hear her scream and shout Maa.

Written Update by H Hasan

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