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Swaragini 21st December 2015 Written Update

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The Episode starts with Swara coming downstairs to get water and is about to fall, but Sanskar holds her and asks her to be careful. Swara gets Sumi’s call. Sumi asks about her relation with Sanskar. Swara tells her that distance is widening between her and Sanskar, and he is not hearing anything. Sumi says she is with her in her fight.

Ragini applies moisturizing cream on her hands. Laksh laughs. Ragini asks why you are laughing? Laksh says on you, owner of the house. He says oh..owner got angry and might take the keys….then says keys is already with you. Ragini asks why you are laughing? Laksh says I am showing sympathy on your foolishness. Ragini asks him to tell what he thinks is her stupidity. Laksh says that you can defeat Swara….He falls down on bed and sleep. Ragini promises that she will make Swara lose.

Sanskar reads Swara’s note left by her…for him asking him to let her stay in the house, and reminds him to take vitamins. He takes the tablets and reads her other notes. Swara comes to his room with a new note for him. Sanskar says I don’t want….Swara asks what? Don’t you love me now. Sanskar says no…She asks him to keep his hand on her head and says….She says I know you still love me and hugs him saying I love you too. Sanskar is shocked and says you don’t love me. Swara says do you know my feelings more than myself. Sanskar doesn’t believe her and says you are trying to make our relation better to make everything fine. Sanskar says I doesn’t believe you. Swara says I really love you. She says you really want to end relation with me and want me to go from your heart.

Sanskar says yes….and says we don’t have any relation between us. Swara says truly…..Sanskar looks at her and asks her to go, saying there is nothing left between us. He says you can’t love me…Swara says fine and says congratulates for your life. She runs cryingly. Sanskar says I love you too Swara……He says this is my heart, not a toy….whom you throw according to your wish. I couldn’t bear to be separated again from you. Swara cries in her room. Chalte Chalte song plays……………..Sanskar also cries. She tells herself that she can’t accept defeat so easily and says you both love each other. You have to make him realize your love.

Next morning, Swara comes to Durga Prasad and asks did you called me. Durga Prasad says yes, and says I don’t know how to say….He tells her that he have to forward his hand infront of Ragini for Annapurna’s medicine etc. Swara hesitantly tells him that she has some money and asks him to take it. Durga Prasad tells her that he brought some property/share on her name and asks her to sign. Swara signs without reading the papers. Durga Prasad apologizes to her. Swara asks him not to ask for forgiveness from her. She gets a call. She asks him if she needs to sign on any more papers. Durga Prasad nods no. Swara gets photographer’s call, and he tells that he has blurred photo of the woman. Sujata is taking a heavy bucket of clothes. Swara says I will help you and take the bucket with much difficulty, leaving her phone on the table. Ragini comes and asks Sujata to give her tea within 10 mins. Sujata goes unwillingly. Just then Swara’s phone rings. Ragini sees studio number flashing and picks the call. Photographer asks her to come and take the blurred photo. Ragini panics and thinks she can’t let Swara stay in the house.

Ragini accuses Swara for demanding 10 crore alimony from Sanskar. Swara cries and tells Sanskar that she promises that she will never doubt on him. Sanskar refuses to believe her. Swara promises to return home to make everything fine.

Written Update By H Hasan


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