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Swaragini 21st April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara and Sanskar returning home. He asks if something had happened to me really then what you would have done. Swara says I will kill you. Laksh pats on Sanskar’s face and smiles broadly. Sanskar asks Swara, what happened to him. Sujata asks them to go to their room. Sanskar says he is hungry. Sujata says I didn’t make food. Swara says I will make something. Sujata says no, and asks them to eat in the morning. They come to their room and find it locked with a message asking them to go and have fresh air on terrace. They go to terrace and find a beautiful floral decorations. Swara steps on the flowers and asks Sanskar, if you have done this. Sanskar says I wish….I could have done this. Swara hugs him and says you always make me happy without even trying. Sanskar says I raised my hand on you. Swara asks him to forget it. Sanskar says lets start our new life and shows the bangles. Swara is surprised and says Sanskar…..Sanskar says if something is very precious then it won’t let you go far. Swara gets happy as he makes her wear bangles. A song plays………Tere Naam Se…..

Swara gets teary eyes. Sanskar asks her not to cry and says I have one more gift for you. He shows pepper spray, and says it is for self defence and protection. Swara says if I forget it at home some day. He says I have a perfect space to keep it and hangs it on her waist. Swara says lets have food. Sanskar removes her suit. He makes her wear chain pendant. Saiyya song plays………..Sanskar says I am hungry, lets see what is in food. He says pulao. They feed each other. After dinner, they dance romantically. Swara keeps her head on his shoulder……..Saiyya song plays again. Sanskar tries to get romantic and kiss her, but she moves away shyly. He holds her and kisses on her shoulder. He lifts her in his embrace. He takes her to bed……..and gets closer. They consummate their marriage. Next morning, Swara wakes up in his embrace, and sees terrace. She says oh God, and tries to go. Sanskar holds her closer and asks who gave you bangles. Swara says the person who loves me, and will come with me downstairs.

Parineeta does aarti while Ragini, Laksh, Sujata and Annapurna stand behind. Ragini signs Laksh that Sanskar and Swara are late and smiles. Sujata tells annapurna that Parineeta is acting to be adarsh bahu. Swara and Sanskar come running there, and stands beside Ragini. Parineeta asks Swara not to sleep till late and says Ragini will also do the same thing. Everyone looks on. Laksh says it is okay Bhabhi, this is first time, nobody will come late from tomorrow. Swara and Ragini take aarti. Annapurna says I was thinking to make some sweets today. Ragini says they are happy because of your suhaagraat. Annapurna tells about the contract with foreign clients and says our name will reached foreign. Sanskar says I am so proud of lucky, as he brought the clients. Laksh gives credit to him for convincing charles. Ragini holds Laksh’s hand.

Annapurna says what shall we make? Swara says Mysore pak and says she saw recipe on net. Parineeta says you will not make mysore pak as I will make it. She says you both can’t make it like me. Sujata says I don’t think it will suit you. Annapurna says okay, Swara and Ragini will help you. Parineeta says I don’t need anyone’s help. Sujata asks her to keep keys aside before making mysore pak.

Sumi tells Dadi that they have to get some test for insurance policy. Dadi asks her to get her stomach tested. Sumi says okay. Dadi asks Shekhar to come early as some tenant will be coming to see Dida’s room. Shekhar says okay. They leave. Parineeta makes mysore pak and the key falls down in the sweets as she lifts her pallu. Suddenly mysore pak falls on her hand. ragini and Swara asks her to take care.

Parineeta serves mysore pak to the guests. Mr. Charles gets the keys and asks about their hospitality. He says you people want me to choke and die. Everyone looks on shockingly.

Written Update by H Hasan

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