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Swaragini 21st January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ragini seeing the papers and asks Laksh what is this? Laksh tries to snatch papers from her hand. The papers falls from her hands. She says what is this south africa, London, Paris and Italy etc. Laksh says you have spoiled the surprise. He asks where you want to go? Ragini says marriage is happening in the house and we have to tap on our expenses. Laksh gets angry and says ok malkin. He gets angry. Ragini says they will go to the place where boats are seen. Laksh says Venice…He says we have to apply for Visa and asks her to sign on the papers so that he can apply tomorrow. Ragini says okay and tries to sign, but the pen doesn’t work. She goes to bring another pen. Dada ji tells Swara that he have to take Dadi with him as they are husband and wife infront of people. Swara asks them to return soon. Urvashi spots stain on Sumi’s saree and says it is very inauspicious thing. Swara asks why she talks about auspicious and inauspicious thing. Urvashi says she is elder and can speak. She asks Swara to come with her and Shekhar. Swara says I will go with Maa. Sumi asks Swara to come and says she will come. Ragini brings pen and is about to sign, but just then servant informs her that Pandit ji came. Laksh says she will come. Servant says you are called to welcome him. Ragini tells Laksh that she has to go. Laksh gets lawyer’s call and he informs him that he shall get the signatures within two days. Laksh says okay.

The pandit ji sees the kundlis and does calculations. Swara messages Sanskar, what if Kundli’s doesn’t match. Sanskar replies that they will eloped and marry. Pandit ji says I have never seen such kundlis before. Urvashi asks if there is something inauspicious. Sujata asks if there is any dosh. Pandit ji says kundlis are matching very well. Shekhar congratulates Durga Prasad. Ragini whispers something in Laksh’s ears. Swara wonders what she is talking? She tells Sanskar that they have to cancel eloping plan. Pandit ji says lets fixed the marriage date. Durga Prasad tells Sanskar that he knows what he wants, and asks Pandit ji to take out the nearer date of marriage. Pandit ji says okay. Annapurna smells burning smell and turns around to look at burning kundlis. Sujata says lamp was not near. Urvashi says everything is finished. Sanskar tries to set the fire off. Swara recalls seeing Ragini going towards room and comes inside the room. Ragini gets angry as she interrupted he romance with Laksh. Swara blames Ragini for burning her kundlis. Ragini says I came to room as my blouse lace was opened. Sanskar apologizes and says you have done wrong and that’s why we doubt on you. Laksh says Ragini is trying to rectify her mistakes. Swara and Sanskar leaves. Ragini thanks Laksh for supporting her. Sanskar sees a woman and follows her. Sumi comes there. Urvashi tells that her jiji isn’t happy with this marriage, and asks Shekhar to accept it. Shekhar asks her to keep quiet. Durga Prasad tells her that nothing will happen, as the kundlis have matched. He says this marriage will be auspicious. Annapurna asks Ragini, if you have done this?

Urvashi asks Annapurna, how can she accuse Ragini? Swara tells her that Ragini haven’t done this. Urvashi says my Ragini can’t do anything. Sujata says your Ragini have done so much that if anything happens then we doubt on her. Durga Prasad says it is enough now. Sujata says she wants the marriage to be done with marathi customs. Durga Prasad asks what you are saying? Sumi says we will do as you says. Sujata gets happy. Sanskar follows the lady and sees her going in the car. He wonders if that lady is Kavita. Pandit ji takes out the mahurat for marriage. Sujata says we can’t make the arrangement in such a short time. Annapurna says we will do everything. Sujata says we will do sangeet. Annapurna says she will apply mehendi on her hand. Parineeta says she will buy all the stuff. Ragini says we have to calculate all the wedding expenses, afterall it is my sister’s marriage. Sanskar comes back and says he can take care of his wedding expenses and asks her not to worry. Pandit ji says he will leave now. Ragini asks Swara, are you happy now? Swara says ofcourse. She asks you? It seems you aren’t happy. Ragini says I am feeling as if this marriage will not happen. Swara says I can understand your fear being negative and asks her to enjoy all her money as they can take care of their marriage expenses. Ragini asks do you think that I have burnt the kundlis. Swara says no, and says you are afraid as you think I am threat to you. She says she will marry for sure.

An astrologer lady tells that something bad is going to happen with her. Swara and Sanskar fly the kite. A lady is seen rolling up the thread roll and it covers Swara’s face and neck suffocating her.

Written Update By H Hasan


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