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Swaragini 20th November 2015 Written Update

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Sanskar comes home and sees Swara burning the crackers. She apologizes to him for not coming to factory and tells that Ragini sent her to farmhouse to cheer up Laksh. Sanskar says it is okay. Swara says I am going to Banaras from 20-25 November to meet her music teacher. Sanskar asks her not to go and says he can’t live without her. He smiles looking at her. Swara’s dupatta stuck in the maula which she tied on his hand. Sanskar says even mauli don’t you to go alone, and offers to come with her. Swara turns down his offer and says she is going with Ragini as she has done mannat. Sanskar says so it is a sister’s trip. Swara apologizes to him. Sanskar says good night. Ragini hears them. Next day a courier man brings courier and looks at Ragini. Annapurna asks Ragini to take the courier. Ragini feigns headache. Annapurna goes to take the courier. Courier guy gives Sanskar and Laksh’s parcel. Ragini goes to kitchen and informs Sujata that Sanskar’s parcel have come. Sujata goes to take the parcel. Swara comes to Baadi and meets her family. Dadi asks Sumi to bring sweets. Dadi takes Swara inside and says if everything is fine between you, Sanskar and Laksh. Swara says even you……Dadi asks her to come.

Sujata checks Sanskar’s parcel and thinks it might be surprise for me. She opens the envelope and finds house papers. She rushes to Annapurna. Annapurna keeps Laksh’s parcel in his room. Sujata comes to her and shows Swara has done black magic on my son, and says Sanskar has brought “SS” pendant, and says Sanskar has brought property on her name. She asks her to open Laksh’s parcel and opens it. She says there is two tickets to Manali, and sees hotel room booking receipt on Laksh and Swara’s room. She says honeymoon suite is booked on their names. They call their respective sons and ask to come home. Ragini says Swara you have done bad with me, and now you see…..

Swara tells Dadi that Sanskar and Laksh are her friends. Dadi says Sanskar have started loving you and Laksh’s eyes are saying that he loves you. Swara says Sanskar and me have been sleeping in different rooms and will be taking divorce soon. Dadi asks why you didn’t take divorce till now. Swara asks if she is hiding something. Dadi worries for her. Swara says you are thinking wrongly and asks her not to worry. Dadi hugs her and says I trust you. Swara asks why you are doubting? Annapurna shows the pendant to Laksh and asks why Sanskar is giving gift to Swara. She shows the pendant and house papers. Sujata shows the hotel receipt and says hotel is booked on their name. Sanskar says they are just good friends. Laksh takes Sanskar’s side, but Annapurna says nobody gives costly gifts to friends. Sanskar sees the ticket and checks the date that is from 20-25. Sujata says Swara is playing with both of you.

Laksh comes to Sanskar and asks why he is playing games. He says you said that Swara is your friend and buys costly gifts for her. Sanskar says shut up and shows the tickets asking him about his intention to spend time with Swara in hotel. Laksh asks him to stop nonsense. He says you said that you don’t love her, and then said you love her and asked her to return to you. He asks what you are planning when you don’t have any hope from her. He asks did you buy this house so that you can move with her there. He holds Sanskar’s hand angrily and asks why did you buy house so that to express love. Sanskar asks him to look at himself. He says you said you will be friends only and you will give chance to Ragini. He asks who books hotel for friends. Laksh says I didn’t book any hotel. Sanskar says I haven’t bought any house or gift for her. Ragini, Sujata and Annapurna come there.

Sujata says why you both are fighting for a clever girl. She says she spends time with Laksh in the morning and with you in the night. Sanskar shouts and says Laksh wants Swara in his life. He says Swara might not have known about it. Sanskar say when we didn’t buy house, gift and booked ticket, then who has done this. Laksh says you are lying? Sanskar thinks Laksh did this to get Swara. Annapurna asks them to stop fighting and says Swara will answer now. She says call Swara home.

Swara comes home. Everyone turn towards her. Swara looks at Ragini. Sanskar tells Swara that everyone have a misunderstanding about your trip. Sujata says there is no misunderstanding and says tickets are booked for Laksh and Swara for Manali. Annapurna says I had full trust on her, and when she said that they are good friends, I trusted her. Sujata says she is new age girl and everything happens in this age. She says our sons are stupid. Laksh asks Swara, what is happening? She asks why you are doing this? Annapurna asks him not to ask anything from Swara and says she is also Sanskar’s wife till now. Only he can question her. Sujata says she is planning to spend time with her brother in law and don’t know any patni dharm. Sanskar shouts please mom. Sujata asks Swara why don’t you leave my son, when you like Laksh. Swara is shocked. Annapurna asks her to answer.

She recalls Ragini’s lies that she has hidden truth about her memory loss. She recalls Sanskar saying he heard them laughing heavily. She hears Ragini asking her to go farmhouse and her planning. Laksh asks Swara not to ignore them and answer. Sujata says what she will answer? She don’t have any answer now, and says Ragini is ready to sacrificed everything for her sister. She says Ragini used to cry and says she loves Laksh even now, but have never came between them. Swara slaps Ragini hard. Everyone is shocked. Jai Kali Maa plays……Sujata asks have you gone mad? Swara says everything is done by her, and all your answers are with her. She says I would have understood that you are doing something wrong when Annapurna and Sujata came to asked me about my relationship with Laksh and Sanskar.

Swara says I hate you Ragini and feel ashamed to call you sister. She slaps her again and asks her to get out. Later Ragini is held captive and cries asking Swara why she is doing this with her.

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