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Swaragini 20th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone getting shocked seeing pillow on floor fallen from Ragini’s clothes. Ragini gets up with teary eyes. Shekhar and Sumi are also shocked. Ragini stands up and looks at everyone. Everyone look at her in shock. Parineeta smirks. Ragini cries. Swara asks Ragini, if you are not pregnant? Annapurna says how can this happen. This can’t be possible, a big betrayal and cheat. Swara asks Ragini to say and asks why did you do this? She says you was just acting to be pregnant and says Bhabhi was right. She asks Ragini to answer. Sujata asks Ragini to answer and asks what is this? Ragini says Maa….Shekhar holds Sumi’s hand. Annapurna goes to Ragini and is about to slap her, but Sumi holds her hand stopping her. Everyone looks on shocked. Sumi folds her hand and says it is not her mistake. She says whatever my daughter has done, may be any daughter would do. She says I am proud of her as she has done this to save my baby. Swara says Maa. Sumi says Ragini have done this to save my baby. She says Ragini is not pregnant, but I am pregnant. Everyone is shocked. Annapurna is shocked too. Sujata asks how can this happen as you have aborted your baby. Dadi asks Sumi about her abortion. She asks Sumi to confirm.

Sujata says I am ashamed of this woman and says I thought you have aborted your child after hearing my taunts. She says she is thinking to become mum in the age of becoming nani. She says she has ruined even Ragini’s name also. Annapurna says we don’t have the right to speak in their matter. Sujata says now it is our family matter as Ragini is involved. Annapurna says Ragini is a child, we don’t hope this from you. She says you didn’t think about me and my emotions. you both have played a big game and haven’t think about our pain. She says since my sons got married, I dreamt to see my grand children and says you have broken my dreams. She asks Ragini, why you haven’t think about your husband Laksh….? She asks her to tell. She asks what you will tell to Laksh. Laksh says no maa…..He says Ragini will not tell me as I know everything. He says I know everything from the start, Ragini haven’t betrayed me. I have supported her in this decision. He says you people don’t know how she felt while doing this. Sujata says our coin is waste.

Durga Prasad says I don’t expect this from you, that you will play with our emotions. He says Ragini have always betrayed us, and it is our mistake that we trusted her again and again. He says you haven’t done right. He asks Sumi, if it is not your duty to show her right path. Shekhar asks Durga Prasad to stop it. He says you don’t know the matter and asks him not to blame them without knowing the truth. Sumi says you don’t know what we were going through, if we haven’t done this then this baby wouldn’t have been alive. Swara asks what do you mean? Shekhar says she is saying right. He says my mum is related to this matter. He asks Dadi to tell the truth. Dadi is silent. Shekhar says I will tell everyone. A fb is shown showing Dadi giving poison to Sumi to abort her baby again and again. Dadi telling that she have to feel ashamed because of this baby and then Ragini planning her fake pregnancy to abort Sumi’s baby. Shekhar says we have no way. He says my own mum tried to kill baby who is not born. He says we have to do this to save this baby. Swara asks Dadi, did you try to kill Maa’s baby?

Parineeta curses the family and says Maheshwari family will never get any heir and the house will never hear any baby’s cries. She says this is my curse.

Written Update by H Hasan

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