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Swaragini 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Swara telling Sumi that Urvashi is the one who attacked her. Sumi says it was very dark there and once I felt Janki is there. Dadi is shocked. Urvashi says my jiji came to save her lado (Ragini). Swara gets thinking. Ragini thinks if she has done right by separating Swara and Sanskar. She says how can we be happy separating two love ones. She says it this happens to me then. Laksh comes and asks what happened? Ragini says I was just coming out. Laksh asks her to come. Ragini says I know what to do? She closes the door after laksh leaves. She takes out visiting card of lawyer from the file an dthinks she will stop the divorce proceedings.

Sanskar asks Swara to take care of Sumi and give medicine on time. He apologizes to her. Swara says it is okay and Maa will be fine soon. She is very strong. She apologizes to him and says I said much. She holds her ears and says sorry. Sanskar says I am happy that honest and truthful girl is coming to my life. He says I love you. Swara hugs him and says I love you 3, 4, 5….etc. He asks her to call him and goes. Urvashi tells Swara that it seems you don’t believe on my words. Swara says nothing will happen to anyone until I am here. Urvashi asks her not to make her angry. Swara says Janki was a good woman and asks her not to involve her name. She says I will catch her red handed. Sumi hears her and asks what she is doing?

Swara says she will proof that it is all done by Urvashi. Sumi asks her to focus on her marriage. Swara says she won’t let this affect her marriage. Ragini sits in her car and asks driver to take him to lawyer’s office. Laksh looks at the file and thinks if Ragini went to meet Mr. Das. He thinks it will be a problem if she comes to know that it is our divorce papers, and thinks to stop her anyhow. Swara applies paint near the windows and doors. Urvashi comes and asks about the sound. Ragini reaches lawyer’s office. Laksh is on the way to Mr. Das office. He calls Mr. Das’s number, but his no. is busy. Ragini comes to meet him and asks peon about him. Peon asks her to sit. Ragini asks him to see Swara and Sanskar’s divorce file. He says he will check and goes inside. He checks the files. Laksh reaches there and runs inside.

Ragini asks him to check with alphabetical order. He checks in S…Ragini sees Laksh’s call and calls him back. She says she is busy and disconnects the call. Laksh takes the stairs. Ragini asks Peon to check with Maheshwari. Laksh runs on the stairs. Peon gets Laksh and Ragini’s divorce papers. He says Swara’s name is not written in this. Ragini asks then whose name is written and takes the file. Laksh comes and is shocked seeing her holding the file.

Swara asks Urvashi if she is going somewhere. Dadi says she will not go anywhere and takes her there. Swara thinks night…..Ragini asks if everything is fine. Laksh says I thought much about your talk. He says he has taken stairs to reach there. Ragini says it is okay now. Laksh says I will take care of everything now. Peon looks at them. He says your name is Ragini….this file….Laksh says I will talk to Mr. Das. Ragini tells Laksh that peon said that Swara and Sanskar’s name is not on the file. Laksh says I will take care of everything and asks her to come.

Swara gets Ragini’s call informing her about Sumi. Ragini says I will come to Baadi now. Swara asks her to come in the morning. Ragini tells Laksh that they will go in the morning. Swara asks Sumi not to worry as she is with her. She comes out of room and says she will bring out Urvashi’s truth. She applies paint/chemical again in night. She thinks I will catch her, as doors and windows are closed now. She says even if your jiju comes then she can’t be saved. I will catch her with her foot prints. Swara hears lori and gets up from bed. She closes Sumi’s door and says nothing will happen to you Maa. She sees a woman going. She asks who is there. The woman sings lori again. Swara says she will catch this woman. She sees woman going to terrace wearing the same saree which Janki had worn in the photo. She sees her going to terrace and asks her to stop. She runs there. Janki’s face is shown. She looks for the woman and asks who are you? The woman falls down on the ground. She turns and reveals her face. Swara is shocked to see Janki’s face.

Kavita is seen taking out the mask from her face. Swara gets the mask and wears it. She is shocked to see Janki’s mask.

Written Update By H Hasan


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