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Swaragini 1st October 2015 Written Update

Sujata says what you will do now? Swara says it is enough of cat and mouse game. She says I will tell my truth to everyone. Sanskar says Swara’s dad will hate her more. Swara says Ragini’s truth will be hidden for forever. Sujata says she will help them and asks about Sumi. Sanskar tells she is in washroom. Sujata goes. Sanskar says I didn’t tell mum as she might get worried. Swara says I read in your eyes. Swara says it is enough of cat and mouse game. She says I will walk on the right way to bring the truth. She asks where is Laksh? The goons brings Laksh near the river and gives his car keys, tells that his car is there. Laksh sees Swara standing near the river. Annapurna asks Ragini to bring Swara, to apply mehendi on her hand. Ragini tells Swara took Maa to see the doctor. Annapurna says okay. Ragini asks Sanskar to call back Swara and says she can’t find Maa. She says you might be excited to get married to her. Sujata asks Sanskar if Swara has eloped and says it was good. Sanskar asks her to leave him alone and says he has to keep eye on Ragini.

Laksh asks Swara, what is her new planning? Swara says I know you don’t trust me. She says I want you to find the truth, I will not take anyone’s name. I will tell you a story today, and it is on you to trust or not. Swara tells this is the place which has ruined everything. She says I have walked half way and you have to walk on the other way. She tells Sanskar and I have got you kidnapped, but when things went out of our hands, I came here. She shows the temple and tells she went there to do the puja. She says Pandit ji gave me flowers to put in river, so I came here, prayed for our happy life. She says I loved you very much, you was my first love, but may be we were not destined to be together. She says I didn’t want to fall in the river, but was drowned. She says this river got my body to a seashore, but made my heart hard as of stone. She tells some fisherwomen rescued her and took to hospital. She says I didn’t elope, and wanted to marry you. Laksh looks on.

Swara says I do know you don’t trust me, but don’t Feel I’m attempting to get you back again. I understand you happen to be married to Ragini now and for me, relationship is usually a sacred factor which I don’t want to interrupt. Laksh asks why you’re accomplishing this? Swara states I’m not blaming or accusing any individual. She says I just desire to say that anything took place with me, making sure that’s why I couldn’t arrive at by the due date. She says I didn’t title everyone and hopes he thinks her. She asks him to seek out half fact and unite her dad and mom. She says I will look ahead to you each morning, and asks him to discover the truth. She says when you discover truth of the matter, then my mom and dad will unite and I will depart from the lifestyle. She states you and Ragini can Stay Fortunately. She claims in the event you don’t occur, then I’ll explain to my relationship fact with Sanskar to All people. She asks him to look in her eyes and states you continue to sense that i’m lying.

Ragini is going towards the room and Sanskar is following her. Ragini turns and Sanskar hides. Ragini opens the room and gets in. Sanskar too enters and lights the room. He says your game is over and asks where is Sumi? Ragini asks did you get Sumi? Sanskar asks where is Sumi? Ragini tells Sumi is safe, and reminds him that she is her mum also. She says I can’t think of harming her and asks Swara to accept the truth. Sanskar gets angry. Ragini asks him to press her neck and warns to do drama to trap him. She asks him not to think of raising hand on her and Laksh else it won’t be bad. Sanskar says if anything happens to Sumi, then……..Ragini says why you don’t understand? Sanskar says I am with truth. Ragini says I am trying to get my husband’s love, and leaves. Sanskar looks on angry.

Swara tells Laksh that she will wait for him in the morning and hopes he comes to her. She turns to go and prays to God to help Laksh find the truth. Laksh shouts and tells he will not believe her, even if God tells him. He says you don’t want to marry me, and then saying it was an accident. He says I will not come tomorrow. You can sit for marriage tomorrow. He says I hate you Swara and falls in river, just like Swara fell. Swara realizes that he has fallen and cries.

Ragini tells Swara that she talked to Annapurna and agreed her for bengali bridal attire. Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini threatened to kill Sumi, if she refused to marry him. Sanskar asks her to tell the truth to Durga Prasad and tells Laksh will not come. Swara hopes Laksh comes back and stops her wedding. They take the pheras with the hope of Laksh’s return.

Written Update By Sahir


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