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Swaragini 19 October 2015 Written Update

Shekhar tells what wrong did I said? She didn’t think before pushing her sister in river, before kidnapping her mum, so why can’t she try to give poison to her dad. Sumi says she is our daughter and it is our duty to bring her back on right path. Dadi says to Swara that she can’t give a second chance to Ragini. Swara says Ragini is still your grand daughter, my sister and daughter of my parents. She says Ragini is repenting and want to do penance. She says if we don’t support her then we will lose our Ragini. Dadi says this Ragini has killed our Ragini, and she will never back again.

Ragini does the aarti and sings bhajan in the morning. Swara and Sumi looks on happily. Dadi, Dada and Shekhar looks on. She gives water to Tulsi plant and do the puja. Swara looks at Sumi. She tries to give aarti to Dada ji, but he
goes without taking it. she tries giving to other family members, but they all leave making her feel like crying. Sumi calls Ragini and asks her to give aarti. Ragini is surprised. Sumi blesses her for the world’s best happiness. Swara takes the aarti. Sumi makes her daughters Ragini and Swara eat the prasad.

Dadi tells Swara that she has made rasagulla for her. Swara asks her to make her eat with her hands. Ragini gets teary eyes seeing Dadi showering love on them. Dadi makes Sumi eat the sweets and says you said right that I will love you very much when I come to know about the truth. Swara asks Ragini to come and have sweets. Servant tells Dadi that he came. Dadi tells shekhar that she called photographer home to have their family photo clicked. Swara makes Dadi, Dada, Shekhar and Sumi stand. Ragini feels sad. Swara says you are looking perfect as usual. she says we will sit down. Dadi says she can’t sit here. Swara asks why? Dadi asks photographer not to take her photo and get only their photo clicked. Ragini runs to her room upstairs. The photo takes their photo sans Ragini. Ragini sees Laksh and Sanskar coming home. Laksh thanks Sanskar for the big favor. Sanskar says you are my brother. Laksh looks at Ragini. Ragini cries.

Sanskar comes inside Shekhar’s house. Dadi blesses him,followed by others. Swara greets him hi. Dadi asks him to have
breakfast. Sanskar says I want to talk to Swara about our divorce. Everyone looks on shockingly. Sanskar says he want to take Swara to lawyer if they approve. Shekhar says Ragini has made joke of marriage. Sumi asks Swara to go with Sanskar. Dadi says because of Ragini this is happening.

Annapurna says I’m able to’t feel that Ragini can do this type of detail. Durga Prasad states we have to break two relations as a result of her. he says Laksh will never take Ragini and we couldn’t forgive her. Sujata suggests Swara and Sanskar’s marriage was a pressured a single. Durga Prasad suggests I was imagining if It could be appropriate to break Sanskar and Swara’s marriage. He says Laksh can move ahead in life whenever they stay jointly. He says Sanskar enjoys Swara…and he acknowledged it infront of everyone. Sujata says Swara don’t enjoy Sanskar. Durga Prasad states Swara might modify her thoughts. Sujata prays that Swara refuses to the alliance. Swara knocks on Ragini’s doorway, and asks shall i bring breakfast. Ragini claims I am fantastic. Swara tells her that she is going with Sanskar to fulfill lawyer. Sanskar tells Shekhar that He’ll fall Swara dwelling once the function is finished. Sumi states ok. Swara sees a little something on Sanskar’s match, and cleans it. They go away.

Dadi tells Shekhar and Dada ji that Ragini and Laksh’s relation can’t be saved, but we can easily help you save Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Sumi says Swara has no emotion for him. Shekhar suggests the same. Dadi suggests truth is needed inside of a relation which is strong of their relation. Sumi suggests we shall check with her. Durga Prasad talks to Shekhar and claims they would like to talk about Swara and Sanskar. Shekhar says we will come. Dadi suggests they might be wondering similar, and claims we shall go and chat speedy.

Swara asks Sanskar why did he stop the car? Sanskar gives her chocolate and tells about celebration. Swara suggests we are going to satisfy lawyer. Sanskar symptoms Laksh coming there. Swara appears on.

Durga Prasad tells they shall give opportunity to Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. dadi and Sumi agrees. Laksh thanks Swara for forgiving him and asks can we start out our relation soon after my divorce. Swara seems on shockingly.

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