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Swaragini 18th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Sanskar taking Swara to a place while blindfolding her eyes. Swara asks where he is taking her? Sanskar asks her to have trust amd makes her sit in the helicopter. He calls her princess and opens cloth from her eyes. Swara opens her eyes and looks down from the helicopter. She is delighted. Tere Bina plays…Sanskar says it is just a start. Swara kisses his hand and thanks him. Sanskar asks where she wants to go? Swara rests her head on his shoulder and is happy while the song continues to smile. Sanskar tells her that one more surprise is waiting for her. She sees an island decorated with flowers. Sanskar says lets go Princess. They get down the helicopter. Swara sees the decorative flowery pillars and stage in her honor. She walks on the flowers. Sanskar says I want to wake up early morning with you, want to fight with you, want to take you on a long drive, want to make you hear song, and make you dream of music school fulfilled. He says even you have to make me feel like a prince. He says he wants to celebrate even a smallest happiness with a chocolates. He asks her to writes many notes for him and gives vitamins tablets to him with her hand. Swara hands. Sanskar says you have changed my destiny with blessings, and I want this blessing to change my destiny. Will you support me? Your parents have given your hand in my hand? Will you permit me to hold your hand and bends down on his knees.

He forwards his hand and asks do you permit me to hold your hands. Swara gives her hand in his hand and says yes. Just then flower petals showers on them to mark the confession day. Sanskar hugs her. Swara says I love you….Sanskar. Sanskar smiles broadly. Rang De Tu Mohi Gerua song plays while they dance on the romantic song……

Swara asks Sanskar, how many surprises you will give to me in a single day. Sanskar says one more surprise, and says our love started in a tent, and says I know you was not in love with me that time. Swara keeps hand on her mouth and says I love you so much. Sanskar says I know my princess and takes her to decorated tent. He says I want you to wear clothes of my choice on engagement day. Swara looks smilingly at the dress.

Everyone gather for Swara and Sanskar’s engagement. Swara and Sanskar come home. Sanskar tells her that he will make her wear ring here. Laksh compliments their jodi and says you are looking good together. Uttara says Swara is very lucky and hopes to get husband like Sanskar. Parineeta says yes, you will get a good husband. Urvashi continues to fill Dadi’s ears and says why they are wasting money for third marriage. Annapurna says they are getting married with everyone’s blessings, and that’s why engagement is grand. Urvashi says Ragini was happy till morning as bengalen’s evil eye was not on her. She badmouths about Sumi and Swara and says my jiji isn’t happy. Ragini asks Swara not to taunt her. Swara says I am not going to say anything, and says she thought her Ragini is back. Ragini asks her to go as Sanskar whom she has snatched from someone is waiting for her. Swara says one should look at herself before taunting others. Sanskar starts dancing on the song Salaam E Ishq….Swara joins him. Ragini is very much irked. Sumi dances with them and sings song. Shekhar too sings and dances with Sumi. Sujata and Ram also performs. Laksh asks Ragini to dance, but she refuses. Durga Prasad and Annapurna looks happily.

Swara makes Sanskar wear the engagement ring. Everyone claps for them. Just as Sanskar is about to make Swara wear the ring, the blood droplets falls on her hand. Sanskar looks at the chandelier and moves Swara from the place, and the ring falls down. Everyone see blood coming from chandelier. Urvashi says there is something on it, and says it is very inauspicious. Laksh asks servant to bring stairs. Urvashi keeps hand on Ragini’s ears and says she is protecting her from evil eye. Laksh climbs up on the stairs and looks on?

Laksh asks Ragini to sign on the papers. Ragini signs without reading. Laksh says he wants to end relation with her, and get his property back from her. Later Swara and Sanskar are on a romantic date, and Urvashi throws flying plate before them. Swara and Sanskar falls down. Swara happens to see Urvashi’s face and tells Sanskar.

Written Update By H Hasan


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