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Swaragini 17th November 2015 Written Update

Sanskar sees Laksh and Swara laughing holding hands. He gets sad and thinks of Ragini’s words that Laksh has convinced Swara. Swara sees Sanskar coming and asks when did you come? Sanskar hides the gift and tries to go. Swara asks what happened to you? Sanskar says I am tired? And gets teary eyed. Swara asks aren’t you happy? Sanskar says I am very happy and goes. Swara wonders what happened to him. Neighbor thanks Sujata for giving her recipe. Sujata tells Sanskar that she will serve him food. Laksh tells Swara that he will take revenge from her as she has applied color on his face. Swara asks him to go. Annapurna, Sujata and Ragini see them talking. Annapurna asks her to come. Ragini comes to Swara and asks if Laksh brought this dress for you. Swara says no, Laksh has brought it for you…..Ragini gets happy. Laksh smiles disappears and says hesitantly says yes. Swara gives the dress to Ragini. Laksh says it will look good on you. Sujata asks what is happening? Laksh gave gift to Swara, and my son is very sad.

Annapurna asks her not to think wrong. Swara tells Ragini that Laksh wants to give her a chance and that’s why gifted this lehenga. She asks her to talk to him with love and then their relation will be fine. Ragini asks her to talk to Sanskar. Swara says I will talk to him in the morning. Ragini asks her to talk to Sanskar now itself and clear the matter.

Sujata is in her room. Ragini knocks on her door seeing Swara going to Sanskar’s room. Sujata opens the door and sees nobody. She thinks what is happening? Just then she sees Swara going to Sanskar’s room. Ragini is seen hiding. Sujata goes to Annapurna and tells her that Swara is going towards Sanskar’s room. Swara knocks on the door. Annapurna says she is going to guest room and says Sanskar stays here. Sanskar opens the door and sees Swara standing. Swara says I want to talk to you and gets inside. She then closes the door. Sujata is shocked and says what did she want to do. She was with Laksh in the morning and then she is with Sanskar now. Ragini thinks nobody wants to accept her, and she wants Swara to have the same feeling of rejection. Sanskar asks Swara what happened? Why you are behaving strangely. Sanskar refuses. Swara asks him to talk to her. She asks why you are ignoring me. Sanskar says I can’t ignore you. She says you would have got happy if you had gone to farmhouse. Sanskar says I am happy with your union with Laksh. Swara is shocked and asks what?

Sanskar says you both have decided to unite, and says I heard you both laughing loudly. Laksh was looking happy? Swara asks him to come out of dreams, and says I thought that I will listen to Laksh then will refuse him. She says Laksh asked me to return to my life and says he wants to move ahead in life…..She says you thought me wrong. Sanskar says I did a mistake. Swara says how can you think that we can unite. Sanskar says you both were laughing loudly so I was mistaken. He asks is he makes difference for her. Swara says you matters to me. Sanskar says this heart can do mistakes also. Swara says Laksh is ready to give a chance to Ragini. Sanskar asks really? Swara says yes. She says when family members agree to accept Ragini, we will tell family that her memory is back. She says she is thinking to open school, and says it is her childhood dream. She says she will implement her idea after their divorce. Sanskar looks on sad.

Swara says we will be divorced as I beat you much. She thanks him and asks him to sleep. She sees gift kept on the sofa and asks if he brought it for Utara. Sanskar says I brought it for you. Swara says I made rangoli for your prosperity in business and you are not giving me gift. Sanskar gives her gift. Swara says your choice is good. Sanskar says my choice is very good that’s why has chosen you. Swara looks on uncomfortable and tells good bye. She then says thank you and leaves. Sanskar smiles.

Sujata tells Annapurna that Swara was in Sanskar’s room till late. Annapurna asks Swara about her relationship with Laksh. Swara says we are just good friends and asks her to confirm with Laksh. Sujata asks why did you stayed back? Swara says I am staying for Ragini. Sujata asks why did you go to his room? Swara says she wanted to talk to Sanskar. She asks Annapurna if she trust her. Annapurna says yes and asks her to sleep.

Ragini gets trapped in her own conspiracy and gets kidnapped. She shouts. Laksh, Swara and Sanskar are doubted.

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