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Swaragini 17th December 2015 Written Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Laksh talking to Swara and tells that he lied to her in the farm house that he freed her from his love. He says I am freeing you today. He says I don’t know what to do to get freedom from Ragini and get our everything. Swara thinks we have to spoil our hands to get everything back. She asks servant if he brought the thing which she asked him to bring. Ragini thinks what she is upto and goes to her. Swara turns and the spices fall on Ragini. Swara takes the keys silently. Ragini feels the spices effect and comes to her room. Swara thinks she don’t want to hurt Ragini. Durga Prasad tells Sanskar that he is very apologetic to him as his company is gone in Ragini’s hands. Sanskar says he can sacrifice anything for them. He says he is trying to make a new company. He indirectly taunts Swara. Swara hears him and is sad.

Annapurna tells the employees that she will get them their salary. Driver asks for some money for his wife’s treatment. Ragini comes. Durga Prasad asks Ragini to bring the money to give salary to the employees. Ragini says I am not finding keys. Laksh says papa asked you money. Ragini asks him to talk with respect and says she kept money in the locker. Annapurna says how can you lose the keys and asks her not to insult them if she don’t want to give money. Dadi says why you are insulting my grand daughter and says they are searching for keys. Driver says my wife’s operation is tonight, and asks for money. Laksh says you will get money by evening and says we will get keys made. Swara comes holding the keys. Dadi and Ragini hear the keys noise when Swara comes. Swara says may be she is hearing the keys noise and tells that Ragini is careless and not suitable to take care of big responsibility. She shows the keys.

Ragini asks her to return her keys. Swara says no way, and says it is God’s sign that you are not ready to take this house responsibility. Sujata backs Swara. Swara says you lost these keys, and now you will never get it. She asks Durga Prasad and Annapurna to open the locker and gives salaries to the employees. They go to the locker room. Swara says I don’t have right to open locker and asks Annapurna to open it. Annapurna tries opening the locker……but couldn’t. Ragini comes there with Dadi. She says what did you think that I am a fool? I have changed the keys at night itself. She opens the locker and asks Durga Prasad how much money he needs? Sanskar says we don’t need anything, and gives money to Durga Prasad to pay to staff. Durga Prasad takes the money and asks Annapurna to come. Dadi asks Ragini not to worry and says you are steps ahead of Swara. Ragini says until Swara stays here, it will be difficult for me. Dadi says what to do? Ragini says I have a plan, and says I called someone in the evening.

Swara receives the party photos and calls Sanskar. Laksh sees Swara calling and asks him to pick the call. Sanskar ignores her. Laksh asks what is your problem with her. Sanskar says why do you want me to behave nicely with her. Laksh says you didn’t know the reason for her return. You didn’t talk to her even once. He goes to bring file. Ragini picks the call on Landline. Sanskar also picks the call. Swara tells him that Durga Prasad’s expression was tensed after seeing the dancer and asks him to come there. Sanskar says okay. Ragini says I can’t let Swara know durga prasad’s truth and says she has to stop her. She calls someone and asks the goons to do something to separate Swara and Sanskar. Dadi asks what you are doing? Ragini says it is necessary to teach a lesson to Sanskar as he is coming infront of m. Sanskar comes and calls Swara….Baji Rao Mastani team comes there to perform. Ranveer dances on the song. He sees a goon coming to kill Sanskar and stops him. He beats the goon and saves Sanskar.

BajiRao and Mastani try to convince Swara and Sanskar to rethink about their love. Ragini talks to two men at home and tells that Swara is staying in the house forcibly. The men ask her to leave the house within 5 days else they will kick her out. Swara is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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