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Swaragini 16th November 2015 Written Update

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Swara asks Laksh when she can give a chance to him, then why can’t he give chance to Ragini. She asks him to show maturely and understanding towards Ragini. Laksh agrees to give chance to Ragini. Ragini gets happy. Swara thanks him. Laksh says I can’t guarantee that she will become part of my life, but I will give her a chance. Swara hugs Ragini happily and says I am very happy for you. She says lets go and have icecream. She says we will go home and tell truth to everyone. Laksh says you are forgetting something and says your purse is inside. Swara goes to get her purse and asks Ragini to give her phone. Swara takes her phone and tells that she will call Sanskar. Sanskar is at office and thinks about Ragini’s words. Swara calls him, but he rejects the call. She calls him again. Swara asks why did you go without meeting me. She thanks him for making her understand that she shall give chance to Laksh. She says I want to give you good news. Sanskar disconnects the call.

Ragini tells Laksh that she is happy as he is ready to give chance, and want to forget Swara. Laksh says I said that, but it is a lie. He says you understand meaning of lie….Ragini says you don’t want to give me a chance. Laksh asks what do you think, and says he wants to get Swara with her wish and not by force. He says I will make her my friend first and then will make her realize feelings for me. He asks her to do the penance by uniting them. She says you have taught me that everything is fair in love and war. Ragini says I really loved you, and says sometimes I do forget. She says I will fulfill my promise. She asks what I shall do. Laksh asks her to support her in his lie and tell Swara that she don’t want to be with him. Ragini asks what we shall do as Swara wants to tell everything to family.

Swara comes back. Laksh tells her that they shall not tell family about the truth, as they will send Ragini back to Baadi. He says he wants to give chance to Ragini and his family will not agree if they come to know about the truth. Swara agrees and hugs Ragini. Ragini thinks she has to get everything.

Durga Prasad and Ram are happy with the arrangements. They talk to Pandit ji. Just then electricity goes off, Utara comes and keep hand on Annapurna’s eyes. Annapurna, Sujata and everyone are happy to see her back. Durga Prasad asks Ram, if Sanskar took Laksh’s signs. Ram says we will ask now. Durga Prasad tells that before the Lakshmi puja, they want to do puja of the accounts too. Sanskar tries to speak. Laksh comes with Ragini and Swara. He apologizes and says he was busy that’s why he couldn’t sign. Utara greets Swara and Ragini. Swara calls Sanskar slowly. Sanskar looks at Swara and thinks about her words sadly. Pandit ji asks if the bahus will make rangoli. Sujata says never. Pandit ji says I thought new bahus will make rangoli. Swara says we will make rangoli.

Pandit ji suggests Every time new bahu can make rangoli, it will prospers her partner’s organization. Swara claims she agreed as Panditji may need misunderstood them. Sujata is angry. Swara attempts speaking to Sanskar. Laksh hugs Sanskar and states I’m happy on account of you. Sanskar goes without talking to them. Laksh thinks why He’s angry. Sujata tells Annapurna that new bahus are generating rangoli. Ragini sees them and starts acting. She says Swara that there’s a chance you’re happy. Swara claims she’s ok, but is anxious for Annapurna and Sujata. Sujata states we want to know why did you concur? She asks what Would you like to accomplish? Swara claims I’ve taken this conclusion in order that Pandit ji doesn’t Believe us Incorrect. Annapurna asks with which appropriate, she’s executing all this.

Number of neighbors arrive at Maheshwari residence and praise rangoli produced by Ragini and Swara. Sujata will take them inside. Ragini asks what happened? Swara states Annapurna and Sujata are indignant together with her and miracles about The key reason why for his or her anger. Sanskar is driving the car and thinks about Laksh terms. He thinks do if I have the right to generally be known as as your husband.

Laksh brings present for Swara. Swara asks him to provide present to Ragini. Laksh says he didn’t provide anything at all for Ragini. Swara asks him to provide the lehenga to Ragini. Laksh asks Swara to keep it. Swara applies coloration on Laksh’s face and says her revenge is fulfilled. They begin laughing whilst Keeping hands. Sanskar brings the gift for Swara and is heartbroken viewing them laughing. Ragini is angered far too.

Swara goes to Sanskar’s room. Sujata sees her going to his room. Swara ties holy thread on Sanskar’s hand. Ragini changes the plate and puts Swara’s plate in Laksh’s room. She then tells him that Swara might want him back in her life.

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