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Swaragini 16th December 2015 Written Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Ragini stopping from signing the papers and tells Dadi that it was written that I am returning everything back to them. Dadi says a big betrayal. Ragini asks where are the real papers and asks Swara to return her papers. Swara says which papers and refuses to have any papers. Ragini threatens Durga Prasad to give the papers else she will complete the story which she has left in a middle. Dadi asks Servant to bring the dancers back home. Durga Prasad asks Swara to give the papers. Swara says I don’t have any papers. Dadi asks Servant to bring papers and blackmails Durga Prasad. Dadi says I will introduce that dancer to everyone. Ragini says she is a very good singer and says she shall meet everyone. Durga Prasad asks Swara to bring the papers. Sujata tells Annapurna, why did Durga Prasad agreeing to Ragini’s wishes. Swara recalls the promise made to Durga Prasad and brings the papers back. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to sign on the papers. Durga Prasad signs on the papers, followed by Ragini. Durga Prasad goes from there……Swara thinks why did Durga Prasad agree to Ragini’s saying and gets doubtful.

Swara is sitting on the stairs. Durga Prasad comes. Swara asks why did you give the papers to Ragini. Durga Prasad says I don’t have the strength to fight more. Swara says I am fighting for you naa…..Durga Prasad says I am thankful to you, but I have lost everything. There is no advantage in fighting and asks her to leave them, and move on in her life. He says everyone have to pay for their work. Ragini asks Swara to go back to her house, and says you can’t make me lose even if you want it. She says if you try to do this again, then I will not spare me and kick you out of house. Swara asks her to eat almonds, and tells my divorce will not happen. She says if you try to make me leave then I will call women organization. Ragini says Sanskar don’t want to see your face and says she is Sanskar’s bhabhi and his well wisher. Sanskar comes and says he knows about her fake concern. He warns her not to say anything to his wife else no one is bad than him. Dadi comes and supports Ragini saying Swara can’t harm you. She asks her to go back home, and says whatever is happening here is well deserved by them, let them suffer and do not interfere. Swara thanks Sanskar. Sanskar says I feel the same, you should go from here.

Ragini comes to Durga Prasad’s room late in night and says it is good that you are awake. She asks Durga Prasad to wear his specs and says she wants money which he is having. She says she have to pay salaries. Annapurna says you can ask money in the morning. Ragini says I want money now itself. Durga Prasad gives her a bundle of notes. Ragini sees more money in the locker and asks that too. Annapurna says it is for our need. Ragini says give that money too. Annapurna and Durga Prasad are shocked. Durga Prasad gives that money too. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that their driver needs 5000 Rs. for his wife’s operation, and asks him to take that money. Ragini says why I shall give money to him. Laksh coemes and holds her hand.

Laksh says this money is for Mamma and Papa’s expenses. Ragini says I am owner of this house. Laksh says you are forgetting whatever you have done with us, and you will get rotten in jail for that. Durga Prasad asks him to leave Ragini’s hand. Ragini asks Durga Prasad to pick the fallen money from floor and give her. Durga Prasad picks the money from floor and gives in her hand. She takes all the money and asks Laksh to accept the truth that she is owner of the house and will always be. She says everyone is suffering because of you, and says your future is locked in my hand, and asks him to accept defeat and behave with respect.

Baji Rao and Mastani come to make Swara and Sanskar understand their love for each other.

Written Update By H Hasan


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