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Swaragini 16th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Ragini coming to meet Swara. She asks if Sanskar came to meet her. Swara says yes and tells that Sanskar came and promised to marry her tomorrow. She asks her to make him understand that it is not possible. Ragini says she will make him understand that marriage doesn’t happen like this. She says marriage cannot happen without mehendi, and asks Swara to forward her hand. She applies mehendi on her hand and writes S for sanskar. Swaragini plays……………Laksh comes home. Ragini tells him that she is very much scared. She says tomorrow is marriage, and there is no proof for Swara’s innocence. Laksh asks her to calm down and says we will get proofs. Ragini says we can’t get any proof and Swara will be shifted to other jail. Laksh says marriage will happen tomorrow and asks her not to worry. Ragini gets angry and says she is failing to save her sister. Laksh asks then what Sanskar is doing? He is making arrangements for marriage. Sanskar is seen busy in the marriage arrangements. Annapurna tries talking to him. Sanskar says marriage will happen as scheduled. Sujata says my son is getting mad.

Sanskar asks Uttara to pack return gifts for guests. Kavita asks Sanskar what he is doing? Tomorrow swara is shifting to jail, and you are doing the arrangements here. Sanskar says that’s what you wanted me to do. Kavita gets happy and surprised. Ragini hears him. Sanskar asks Kavita to bring proof of innocence. Kavita says ok and says Swara will be freed tomorrow. Later Ragini asks Sanskar, what he is doing? Sanskar says Kavita kept the condition of marriage. He says he is sure that Kavita will get that chip to the mandap. He says he will take chip from her anyhow. He apologizes to her. Ragini promises to support her and says she will hold Swara and take her to mandap as promised.

Sujata asks Sanskar what he is doing? She says Swara is in jail and says how you will marry her then. Sanskar says he will explain later. He asks Durga Prasad to let the marriage happen here, and thinks he couldn’t keep an eye on Kavita in Baadi. Laksh agrees with Sanskar. Durga Prasad agrees, and says Shekhar and Sharmistha shouldn’t feel bad. Laksh tells Ragini that he wants to talk to her.

Swara is seen sitting in jail and thinks when she didn’t want to marry him, then got married forcibly, but now when she wants to marry him, they are separated. She recalls Sanskar’s words. Sanskar looks at the moon and thinks he will marry Swara only. He thinks this moon have binded our hope. Swara also looks at the moon. She says I have full faith on our love. Laksh is talking to someone and says marriage will happen tomorrow itself. He asks the person not to take Ragini’s tension and says she deserved this. Ragini comes and hears him. Ragini asks with whom he is talking to? Laksh says he was talking to his client and asks her to call and check. Ragini says no. Laksh asks her to go and sleep. Ragini feels Laksh’s behavior strange. Swara thinks why Kavita was saved from the camera. She thinks this can happen, and thinks she has to inform Sanskar about this. She sees constable sleeping and tries to steal her phone. She gets the stick and manage to take the phone. She calls Sanskar and asks him to reach lawyer’s office fast and call her back. Sanskar calls Swara along with Ragini. Swara tells him that Kavita is surely entered the hotel room through the window and asks him to find the proofs.

Sanskar asks Lawyer to talk to the investigating officer. He calls Inspector and asks him to send investigating team, Sanskar and Ragini go along with the team. They get blood marks near the window. Inspector sends it to the forensic lab. Sanskar tells Swara that they got proofs. Inspector tells Sanskar that report came and the blood sample is of someone else. Sanskar and Ragini are shocked.

Sanskar and Kavita are taking pheras. Swara elopes while she is on the way to other jail. She comes to Maheshwari house and breaks the ghat bandhan.

Written Update By H Hasan


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