Swaragini 15th November 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 15th November 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad telling that Ragini have taken a right decision and asks Swara and Sanskar to unite again. Swara says Ragini is not doing right. Annapurna says time has come to take a right decision, and tells Sanskar that she lost her two sons and don’t want to lose him. Sanskar hugs her and asks why she is saying this. Annapurna asks Swara and Sanskar to forget their bitterness between them and get back together. She tells Ragini that she will make her daughter and do her bidaai. She asks Ragini to bring mangalsultra which Laksh made her wear it, and says time has come to free you. Ragini cries and gets her mangalsutra. Swara asks if you really want to do this. Durga Prasad says Ragini have accepted the fact, whoever goes doesn’t come back, there is no point in waiting for the person.

Ragini gives her mangalsutra in Annapurna’s hand. Chirag drops Uttara home. Uttara thank him. Chirag looks on and tells that you don’t make a quick decision and take only after a lot of thinking. Uttara says yes, and says friends…Chirag recalls his promise made to his parents. He says friends for life, I wish I could drop you till your door. Uttara says she doesn’t want her family to know about him. He says okay.

Swara couldn’t see Ragini returning her mangalsutra and runs out. She recalls what Durga Prasad have said. Annapurna hugs Ragini and cries and says I don’t know from where you got this much strength. She says let them get back together, then we will tell them complete truth. Ragini says we will tell them later that Laksh is no more and cries hugging Annapurna. Durga Prasad feels equal pain. Ram and Sujata are returning home. They see Chirag leaving and get down the car. Ram questions Uttara about Chirag.

Swara cries. Sanskar tries to console her. He says we can’t get back together, so we shall lie that we will patch up, but continue to search Laksh. Swara is shocked. Sanskar reminds her that she has broken relation with him six months back. Swara reminds what he told one week before that, he will fight with Laksh and even if he is saved then also he will break relation with her. He says we have to act to be together. Swara says if we love someone immensely, then that person breaks us heavily. Sanskar says even I had loved you immensely. Swara says you have changed. Sanskar says you have changed too.

Swara says you are my husband and will always be. She says may be your hatred have changed you so much, and if you had control your anger then we would not have seen Ragini’s drama. Swara says Ragini have realized today that she can’t wait for Laksh anymore and all the elders agreed. Sanskar says what we will do now. Swara says we will act and find about her drama. They come back. Ragini asks what you both have decided. Swara says we have decided to unite. Sanskar says we will resolve the issues. Ragini asks them to prove that everything is fine. She asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor again and prove that you both are together again. She says then only I will believe you both. Swara says okay…and goes to bring sindoor.

Ragini and laksh collide with each other. Laksh asks her to walk carefully. Ragini hears his voice and turns back. Laksh also turns back. They see each other.

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