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Swaragini 15th June 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara trying to convince Dadi to let Kissan stay in Dida’s house. She says Kissan is innocent and was going to commit suicide. Dadi asks them to do what they want? Kissan says I will take bath first and asks Swara to show washroom first. He says he will touch Dadi’s feet. Dadi asks him to go. He touches Dadi’s feet and goes to washroom. Dadi asks Sumi, what Swara is doing here, as she went to Maheshwari house. Sumi says something has happened. Swara takes Kissan to Dida’s house. Kissan says he will do and take the table from her hand. He makes the fan rotate and falls down. Swara laughs. He looks at her. Swara tells him that washroom is that side. Kissan says okay. He closes the door. Swara goes. Kissan sits down and picks their wedding photo frame. He promises to Swara and himself that he will make everything fine. Swara gets Sahil’s call and is about to pick call, but just then Dadi calls her. Dadi tells Sumi that Swara shouldn’t have left that house, she has to remember that she was very much happy with Sanskar and in that relation. Swara comes to Dadi.

Dadi says why did you come back? She says you are bahu of that house and it is your house. Swara says I can’t stay there. I went there to take care of Ragini, but can’t stay with that man under the same roof. She says whenever I see him, I recall that he is the murderer. Dadi says he is your husband. Swara says I know, but whenever I see him, I just remembers that he shot at me. Dadi says your sister also needs you. Swara says how I will take care of Ragini, when I couldn’t forget it. She feels pain in her head. Shekhar asks her to rest and asks Dadi to give her some time. Sanskar calls laksh. Sujata takes the call and asks where are you? Ram asks where are you? Sanskar says I am at my friend’s home. Sujata asks him to return. Sanskar says he will come, and asks them to take care of Swara in his absence.

Sanskar disconnects the call and sees Swara standing………. He makes excuses. Swara says I know, you had talked to your mum. Kissan says yes…and says my mum got happy knowing I got a partner to take part in IGT. He says his mum will distribute sweets in Patna. Swara asks him to tell what he would like to have in tea. Kissan says he wants to have masala tea which she used to make and asks her to add kali mirchi also. Swara says you talk so much and asks him to eat breakfast. All the Maheshwari family are sad.

Sujata imagines Sanskar there and gets happy. She gets sad then. Ragini and Laksh pacify her. Sujata cries and feels bad for Sanskar. Laksh says he will return and have food with you. He asks her to have food. Sujata refuses. Parineeta brings something in plate and asks Annapurna to check the masala in the vegetable dish. She brings Papaya in the plate and thinks to kill Ragini’s baby. Sanskar starts practicing the song. Swara says Kissan. She says God will get upset with you. Kissan says you are my guru and I will do as you says. Swara sings Maine Tenu Samjhava….ji…….Sanskar recalls all their happy moments. Swara sings the song and plays harmonium.

Parineeta asks Ragini to eat fruits. Ragini says thanks and takes papaya. She is about to eat, when Annapurna stops her. Laksh asks what happened? Ragini says I was just eating fruits. Annapurna says it is poison for you as you are pregnant. Annapurna asks Parineeta, how can you give papaya to her. Parineeta says she forgot that she is pregnant. Sujata taunts her and says when you can’t give us happiness, and is pain when someone else giving us baby. Sujata takes papaya from Ragini’s plate and thanks god. Ragini tells Laksh that she will talk to Sumi and is worried about their lie. Laksh says he is also worried and asks her not to take any tension.

Kissan says you sings well and have much confidence. He says I will make you learn something and asks her to counts the numbers. Swara says 123…go. Kissan sings lipstick..lolipop song…and dances with Swara. Sahil comes and is shocked.

Sahil asks Swara to come with him and takes her forcibly. Kissan looks on. Ragini and Laksh are going back home after meeting Swara, and just then Ragini sees lorry about to hit their car. She alerts Laksh. Laksh hits his car with a tree. Ragini gets injured, blood falls down her hand.

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