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Swaragini 15th December 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Durga Prasad talking to the client and says consignment will reach him in 2 days. Ragini asks him to deliver the consignment in a day and says she want them to work faster. Durga Prasad is shocked. Swara asks Annapurna to have water. Laksh thanks Swara. Swara comes to Sanskar. Sanskar tells her that Ragini is ill treating them and asks did you see? He apologizes and says I don’t want to share all this with you. Swara asks why? Sanskar says as we are not friends and husband-wife anymore. He says this will not happen from now. Swara feels helpless and thinks what to do to make you belief. How to make you understand that I came for you, and thinks to make him realize her love. Ragini thinks everything will be hers in 25 mins, and thinks to settle the scores for her tears and that too with interest. Swara tells herself that she has just 25 mins to save the house. Ragini asks Laksh to come with her. She asks him to walk behind her and says she will feel good. Swara whispers something in a girl’s ears asking her to do something. The girls go yo Ragini, and asks for a selfie with her.

Ragini keeps the papers and takes the pic. Swara is about to take the papers, but Dadi takes the papers. A neighbor brings Swara to Sanskar, and asks if they have any fight? Swara says he might be joking. Neighbor blesses them. swara tries to speak to him, but he ignore her and goes. Swara thinks it is 7: 45 now. She takes the tray from Uttara and goes near Ragini. She throws the juice on her intentionally and asks her to give papers else it will be wet. Ragini asks her not to tell her and says she will see. Ragini wipes her saree and takes the file back. Ragini asks her not to think to do anything wrong. Later Swara calls Durga Prasad and tells him that she has changed the papers. Durga Prasad says she might get the new papers. Swara says once she signed this papers, she can’t make new papers.

Dadi tells Ragini that special dancer has arrived. Durga Prasad is still on call with Swara, and hears the lady dancer’s voice. He gets shocked. Swara says hello bade Papa…….The dancer says she is going to sing a special song for a special someone and he knows about her. Swara asks can you hear me. The dancer says I sung this song for that man. She sings a song…Aaja….Everyone claps for her. Durga Prasad is shocked. Dadi asks Durga Prasad if he remember something. Ragini says picture is still remaining. Dadi asks where are the papers. Ragini says it is with me. They blackmail Durga Prasad. Ragini says it is 8 pm now. Papa ji will sign on these Papers and will name his company on my name. Dadi asks everyone to clap. Durga Prasad is sad. Ragini asks him to sign first. He signs on the papers. Ragini is about to sign. Swara thinks sign on these fake papers.

Bajirao Mastani comes to help Swara and Sanskar.

Written Update By H Hasan


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