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Swaragini 15th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simar and Swara searching for Chandramani. Swara asks Simar to relax and says we have to do something. She asks Simar to think from calm mind. Simar says I can’t. Swara asks if some maili powers are responsible for this. Simar looks at her ring and tells about Chandramani. She says Chandramani can change the earth position, and tells that Sid’s mind is influenced by the evil powers. She tells recent happenings to Swara. Swara says we shall go and look out for that mani. They go out of house. Swara asks where did you bury that chandramani. Simar gets confused and thinks how I will find it and get my family. Swara asks her to relax and starts digging the place. Simar recalls and tells Swara that the chandramani is here. Swara digs the land and tells Simar that there is no chandramani here. Simar says someone might have taken it from here. Simar gets call from her house and asks Swara to come. Ragini gets a call and asks Swara when she is coming back. Swara tells her that she will call her later and disconnects the call. Simar rushes back home along with Simar and opens the lock. She sees phone working and calls everyone, but there is nobody at home.

Suddenly rays fall on Swara. Simar says it is because of Chandramani and tells Swara that they have to catch it. They try to hold it, but Chandramani starts moving and vanishes. Simar says we have to damage it anyhow. Swara says I have an idea and closes the doors. Chandramani keeps on moving and vanishes. Simar brings a blanket and goes following Chandramani. Swara nods no. They see Chandramani moving again and glittering. Simar puts blanket on it and asks Swara to bring something to break it. Swara tries to break it, but couldn’t. Simar says Jai Mata ji….They see Chandramani broken into pieces. Swara and Simar smiles. Just then they see Chandramani fixing its pieces itself, and finds a gap in it. Simar shows Swara that the piece is there. Swara tries to pick the chandramani piece, but then chandramani big piece hits Swara. Simar brings mata rani chunari, and tells Swara that Chandramani is not that much powerful and can’t harm anyone now. She takes Chandramani’s small piece from her hand and ties it in mata ki chunari. She says we have to keep it at someplace that it can’t unite. Swara says Kali baadi, and tells about it power. Simar folds her hands and asks her to bury it in Kaali baadi. Swara says ofcourse I will do it for you and your family. She hugs her. Swara looks at Simar and prays to goddess for Simar. Simar looks at the goddess and pray for Swara’s safety.

Swara’s car stops on the way. Simar asks what happened? Driver tells her that car is not working and asks her to visit kaali baadi temple by walk. Swara says okay. She gets Sanskar’s call. Sanskar asks her where is she? Swara tells him that she will meet him at home after doing Simar’s work. She is going towards the temple. Some goons see sparkling light coming from the chunari, and thinks to steal it. They follow Swara. Swara starts running, but goons comes infront of her. Swara asks them to let her go. Goon refuses and asks what is inside it. Swara folds her hands and asks them to let her go. They look at her bangles. Swara gives her bangles to the goons and thinks about Sanskar gifting it to her. The goons get happy seeing the diamond bangles and let her go. She runs from there and digs the land in the temple premises. She opens the chunari and sees mani, before burying in the land. She asks Durga Maa to make everything fine. She leaves from there. Goons sees her from far. Swara calls Simar and tells her that Chandramani melted and she buried it. The goons see Swara leaving and thinks to dig the land and get the buried thing. They get Chandramani piece, but it flies in air. Simar thanks Swara for her help and thanks God.

Parineeta gives answer to Sujata when she asks her about her pallu. Adarsh asks Parineeta to keep keys safely. Parineeta is happy and thinks everything is happening as per her wish.

Written Update by H Hasan

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