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Swaragini 15th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

Swara also was standing there. Laksh and Ragini shared some light moments even Lakshay tried to kiss Ragini but he can’t as the servant arrived. Lakshay had a minor cut on his hand and he asked to fill Ragioni’s Maang with this blood.

Ragini overwhelmed to see Lakshay’s new avatar. Meanwhile, when Kavita was trying to leave the temple a pillar was about to fall on her and Sanskar rush to save her. On the other hand, Kavita also fell down but Sanskar didn’t look at her.

Kavita hurt to see that Sanskar didn’t rush to save her life instead he rushes to Swara. Kavita decides to leave Sanskar for Swara and she will moves on her own life. Swara upset to see that as Swara thinks that Sanskar love Kavita.

When Swara asked to Sanskar that why he saved herself instead of Kavita, it is leads to going of Kavita from his life. About it Sanskar said this is because he will be never to stay happy with Kavita as he is in love with Swara herself.

Swara cried and reciprocate with his words. Now they hug each other. In tonight episode of “Swaragini” it will be shown that there will be engagement of Sanskar and Swara to take place.

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