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Swaragini 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Kavita agreeing to give proof to Sanskar, if he marries her. Sanskar asks how did you kill Urvashi and asks her to tell? Kavita says I will never tell you that. Kavita recalls killing Urvashi and a flashback is shown. Sanskar asks why did you handover me to Swara when you came to know that I love Swara. Kavita says as I thought you will not accept me. Sanskar says that is the difference between you and me, and says he is happy and proud of Swara, and also of his decision as he chose Swara over her. He repents for loving her once. He tries to snatch her phone, but Kavita bites him and throws the phone in air.

Ragini comes to meet Swara and promises to free her from there. Swaragini plays………Kavita tells Sanskar that she has many copies of the video and asks him to decide as he has two days. Sanskar says he will get stay order on the verdict. Kavita says only I have the concrete proofs and asks him to marry her or let Swara get rotten in jail, take a decision. The lady constables tell Swara that the jail in which she will be transferred is nothing than a kala pani jail. Ragini thanks them for informing them and asks them to leave. Swara cries.

Sanskar comes to Kavita and asks for that recording. Kavita says not that easy. He searches for that recording in the room. Kavita refuses to tell him anything. Sanskar says I will kill you. Kavita says you will not get that recording, and then you will also rot in jail, you can marry Swara there itself. Sanskar gets angry. Kavita says Sanskar is mine and will always be mine.

Sumi cries and feels bad for Swara. Laksh comes there. Ragini asks did lawyer tell anything? Laksh nods no. Shekhar asks what do you mean? Ragini says we will find a way? Ragini gets Sanskar’s call and he asks her to meet him. She asks Laksh to come. Laksh says he will be with family and asks her to take care and go. Ragini goes. Sanskar and Ragini get inside the bakery late at night. Sanskar says Kavita entered in the bakery and sat on the couch. Ragini says alarm is ringing and says Police will come here. Sanskar says something is missing. Ragini tells Sanskar that police have come, and says we will be trapped. Sanskar says there must be one more way here. Just then Inspector arrives there, and asks Sanskar and Ragini, what they are doing here. Ragini says they came to get proof here. Sanskar says theye is some way here. They request the Inspector. They find the exit door. They meet the lawyer and tells him about the exit door of bakery. Lawyer says it proves that she went inside the bakery, but there is no proof that Kavita went to hotel and killed Urvashi. He says there is no CCTV footage of her. He says Swara have the motive to kill Urvashi, but Kavita doesn’t have any. He says sorry. Ragini cries.

Ragini comes home and tells Durga Prasad that they got a proof but lawyer said that it is of no use. She says we have only one day to save Swara, as she will be shifted to other jail day after tomorrow. Durga prasad and others are tensed. Sanskar comes to meet swara in jail. Constable asks him to meet her as from tomorrow he can’t meet her. Sanskar says ok, now you go. Swara says I thought why you didn’t come to meet me since morning, and says its good that you didn’t come. She says you tried to get me out from here, but it seems our relation is not for life.

Swara tells Sanskar that her relation with Ragini got better, but God reserved expiry date for every relation of hers. She asks him to go as she is reminded that they will separate after 2 days. Sanskar keeps dupatta on her head and says we will marry after 2 days. He says this is my promise and I will fulfill my promise. Swara hugs him and cries. Sanskar looks on.

Kavita asks Sanskar, Swara is going to other jail and you are preparing for marriage. Sanskar says this is what you wanted. Later Swara runs away while she is on the way to other jail. She comes to Maheshwari house and sees Sanskar and Kavita taking pheras. She stops the marriage and opens the ghat bandhan. She looks at Sanskar.

Written Update By H Hasan


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