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Swaragini 14th September 2015 Written Update

Laksh asks Ragini, what you are indicating? Ragini claims I explained fact. I betrayed Swara. Laksh asks her to shut up. Sanskar tells she is not in her senses and offers drinking water to Laksh. Laksh splashes water on her encounter, bringing her away from trance. Ragini asks why everyone is thinking about me. She remembers Swara’s words and phrases and asks what took place below. Laksh asks Do you know That which you reported. Ragini asks what did I say? Sujata signals her. Laksh informs you advised that you just tried to kill Swara after which acted to complete suicide to marry me. Ragini suggests Swara produced me do that. She built me have that medicine. Swara asks when did I make you have got the pill. Ragini asks her never to lie and lets you know have mixed medicine in my meals and water. Swara asks which medicine. Ragini says I am talking about the medication as a consequence of which people loses consciousness and do as one other says. Swara suggests how Are you aware of? Ragini claims simply because I….she then realizes and says I read somewhere. Swara thanks her and plays the recording wherein confessed to possess taken medications and refused to marry. She tells a person might need provided her medication, and she did every little thing underneath its impact thanks to an individual’s Recommendations.

Annapurna asks why everyone would get it done with you. Swara suggests can be I have some enemy. She accepts to obtain included the drugs in Ragini’s foodstuff and drinking water. Sujata thinks Swara is a lot more clever than her contemplating. Parineeta asks don’t you really feel ashamed To do that together with your personal sister. Swara claims I don’t have any solution. She claims I desire to demonstrate my perception. I don’t understand how I attained hotel and what happened to sangeet day. I didn’t depart from my marriage, as I don’t wish to marry, but an individual retained me faraway from my marriage. This video clip is fake and I intend to make this concept arrive at you. She apologizes and walks off. Laksh looks on psychological. Sanskar follows Swara. Ragini acts and pretends to slide down. Laksh retains and will take her within.

Sanskar states why we didn’t make this happen in advance of. Swara claims That is our last alternative. Sanskar claims you might be caring for Ragini like she’s your sister. Swara says she’s her sister. She suggests she informed reality as Ragini might have acted and persuaded Everybody that she is a liar. She says superior point is always that I have sowed seed in Every person’s thoughts. Sanskar suggests you need to have ongoing and tells Laksh was psychological. Swara claims Laksh would’ve waited for her, but he didn’t look ahead to her to come. She states she will deliver Ragini’s truth to ensure that her mother and father united. Sanskar claims allows drink tea for our acquire. Laksh would make Ragini sit in his place and says he will carry drinking water. Ragini claims she is fine. Laksh thinks about Swara’s terms. He states if Swara is correct? He says Swara had a question that someone would like to stopped their relationship. She utilized to neglect the factors and assert that she forgot. He seems to be on the movie. Sanskar is washing the utensils. Ragini takes Laksh to sees them, and tells I don’t know if Swara is right or wrong. She states if anything Erroneous might have occur with her, she would not are actually happy like this, and would he upset like me.

Annapurna states Swara could be correct. Sujata claims why Swara didn’t notify something when she returned home. She claims Swara is playing activity and could be sleeping now. Laksh states you’re saying proper Ragini. Ragini asks do you believe me? Laksh says all of us belief you and asks her to relaxation. Sumi tells Annapurna that she washed the garments and saved for drying. Dadi asks her to obtain meals. Sumi suggests she’s going to try to eat. She is going to just take the initial Chunk when Dadi sends her to deliver water. Sumi provides water, but Dadi throws the glass. Sumi delivers it all over again. Dadi states you are really stubborn. Sumi claims I’ll go your check. Dadi receives Ragini’s phone. Ragini tells Swara played a foul game with me and possess crossed all the limits these days. Dadi is shocked. Ragini states it is good that members of the family rely on me. Dadi says you didn’t do that, then why that you are stressing. Dadi asks her to give that drugs to her and says lets see what your Dadi can do. She eyes Sumi as though she’s going to give drugs to her.

Laksh tells that no one understands him. Ragini walks out of room, asking Laksh to bring her back when he forget Swara completely. Laksh asks Sanskar to fill Swara’s maang with sindoor for everyone satisfaction, proving their marriage.

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