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Swaragini 14th October 2015 Written Update

Durga Prasad asks Shekhar, if Laksh called them. Shekhar says yes. Sujata asks Annapurna why did Laksh asks them to come in hall. Annapurna says she didn’t know. Durga Prasad asks her to call Ragini. Parineeta says she is not at home. Annapurna says where did she go? Shekhar says I hope she is fine. Durga Prasad says we shall wait for Laksh, as he wants to tell something. Annapurna fears and prays for their safety. Laksh comes out and asks Sanskar to come in his car. Swara says I will come with Sanskar. Laksh is taken aback. Sanskar says we will meet at home. They sit in their cars and leave for Maheshwari house. Ragini thinks about Dadi’s words that she is supporting her as she is right. She recalls Swara asking her to tell the truth before it is too late. She recalls Sumi slapping her asking her to tell the truth. Swara recalls her happy moments with Ragini and also recalls Ragini pushing her in river. She recalls Ragini acceptance of her crimes and asking her not to snatch Laksh from her. She recalls Laksh telling that she don’t deserve him. Sanskar sees Swara crying and says that’s why you didn’t go with Laksh. He says I will not stop you from crying today. He says we have won Swara. Swara says I know, but I am not happy still. I just wanted Papa and Maa to be together and clear their misunderstandings. Sanskar says you are still worried about Ragini. He says we have reached home. Swara thanks Sanskar and says this would not have been possible without your support. She thanks him again. Laksh and Ragini also come in their car.

Swara tells Laksh to end the matter right here, and says nobody will be able bear this betrayal. She says you knew the truth now, and it is enough for me. Laksh says no, and says everyone should know about her truth. I will tell her truth to everyone at home. He holds her hand and takes her inside. Sujata says they didn’t come till now. Just then they see Laksh in an injured state bringing Ragini home, followed by Sanskar and Swara. Durga Prasad says Laksh. Laksh pushes Ragini on the ground. Annapurna asks Laksh, what happened to you.

Laksh says I am fine and this is artificial blood. Durga Prasad asks why did you called us here at mid night. Laksh asks them to see the video to know about it. He puts the CD on the TV. They see Sanskar holding the knife. Laksh shares his plan with Swara and Sanskar, and tells he is doubtful on Ragini. He says Ragini has got him, but she will accept her crime seeing him dying. He says if she is innocent then it is okay, but if she is guilty then her truth will come out. They see Sanskar stabbing Laksh. Dadi says they are trapping my Ragini again. Laksh says Ragini is the one who trapped everyone. Then they see Ragini accepting her crimes, trying to kill Swara and all the conspiracies. They see Ragini stabbing Swara and trying to kill her again. Sumi looks at Shekhar. Sujata says it is good that truth is out now. Dadi stares Ragini in shock. She recalls Ragini telling that she didn’t go to temple with Swara. She recalls Ragini’s suicide attempt and that Swara wants to snatch Laksh from her.

Dadi recalls telling Ragini that she’ll punish her if she does any mistake. She goes to Swara earlier Ragini, and tells I always taunt your Dida and Sumi for their upbringing, but right now my values have produced my head reduced. She claims I was blinded by her enjoy. I couldn’t realize precisely what is Erroneous and suitable. She says I insulted you and elevated doubt on your character. Swara says you have a misunderstanding. Dadi apologizes to Sumi for her habits. Sumi cries. Shekhar suggests Sumi was proper. A flashback is demonstrated, they have been observed fighting. Shekhar says we will’t be a single. FB finishes. He holds his hand and apologizes to Sumi for making enjoyment of their relation and not believing her. Ragini stands in shock and crying. He asks for an opportunity, and suggests He’ll check out to satisfy responsibilities of a partner and father. Sumi asks him to not apologize and states Swara explained that it absolutely was a misunderstanding. She claims we ended up hopeful that we’ll unite when truth comes out. He seems to be at Ragini and goes to Swara. He bends on his feet and touches her feet. Swara stops him. Shekhar says I didn’t respect my daughter and possess done a large sin. Swara claims what you’re saying? Shekhar suggests I don’t need to be named to be a father. I’ve differentiated concerning my two daughters. He claims I did Erroneous, and gave beginning to a legal daughter.

Durga Prasad tells Ragini that Laksh will not take her right after realizing about her crimes. He asks her to go from Laksh’s lifestyle and home. Ragini walks in the direction of the doorway and turns back to take a look at Swara and all.

Written Update By Sahir


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