Swaragini 13th September 2016 Written Update

Swaragini 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Swaragini 13th September 2016 Written Update

Sanskar comes to bank when a robber snatches it and runs away. Sanskar follows him but the robber hits the car of manager. The robber says he didn’t do it on his own call. Sanskar reach him and slaps him. The robber blames Sanskar saying he is his old boss and paid him to rob this money. He shows Sanskar visiting card as well. The manager blames Sanskar to be lying as he wanted to gamble this money, he fires Sanskar from his job.
At home, Swara notices Dadi with Parineeta and wonders what are they upto. There, Sujata was talking on phone contended that both Laksh and Sanskar got good jobs. Sanskar comes home then, he tells them about his loss of job. Sujata cries in shock, Parineeta hears this in the other room; the three were happy and come out. Dadi calls wow, it’s a good news. She taunts that Sujata didn’t announce her son’s job news with such an excitement. Parineeta says only bad is happening with these idols of good for last few days. Swara wipes her tears and comes to her forbidding her blame the God, she know this has been done by them. Aadarsh accepts they got it done, what can they do? Their parents are already mortgaged to him, and they must try to save them. Ragini comes to their confrontation and holding Swara’s hand she was determined to bring their parent’s back, this was Swaragini’s promise.
In the room, Laksh gets a call for next delivery of an important parcel. There must be no mistake. Laksh says alright, the work would be done.
Outside, Swara consoles Sanskar not to lost hope, he has faced much difficult situations earlier and must not lose hope. He goes to change his dress. Ragini says to Swara that situations are against them, they have to arrange some money else Parineeta and Aadarsh will turn maa and Bauji’s life as hell. Swara watches the news, then discuss a plan with Ragini.
Laksh was walking down the street when Annaparna keeps a hand over his shoulder. He cheers watching her and hugs her tight, then notices a broomstick in her hands. Annaparna makes up that she is working with her own will, Laksh considers it a lie and wonders why is she doing this all. She wasn’t ready to leave Durga Prasad alone. She inquires Laksh about the pack in his hand, he was speechless.
Swara asks help from human rights organization who assures full cooperation.
There, two boys spot the pack in Laksh’s hand and run snatching it. Laksh follows them asking her to go home, and the parcel is really important for him. He follows the robbers down the street, beating them. He pins them to the wall and asks why they snatched this parcel. The goon says they are enemy gang of Vasu and were asked by their boss to steal this pack.
Parineeta taunts at Annaparna to be very slow. Ragini and Swara arrive with human rights organization team. Parineeta questions who are these street people, Swara introduces them as Human rights organization team and are here to help them get their parent’s freed from them. Aadarsh interferes why they are coming in. Swara urges Annaparna to speak the truth in front of them, and share their behavior. She urges them to show where they have kept Durga Prasad knowing well he underwent a major surgery. Annaparna denies saying they are fine. Ragini and Swara were left in shock, Adarsh asks them to leave. Ragini takes the team alone to listen to what Durga Prasad has to say. Parineeta interferes, but Ragini says not even God can stop her way today.

PRECAP: Aadarsh tells Annaparna and Durga Prasad that they will not let tomorrow come into Swara and Ragini’s life. They urge them to see their family burn.

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