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Swaragini 13th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Laksh apologizing to Swara and bends down on his knees. He asks her to return to her life. He says I was thinking all night, how to make you understand of my love, but then I felt that I am hurting you by forcing to be part of my life. When a person loves someone genuinely then he thinks about her happiness. He says I accept your decision and want to see you happy. Swara is surprised. Laksh says you don’t want to return to me, and if ever you come back then you can’t be happy. He says yes, you can go. Ragini wonders why Laksh is saying this? She sees Sanskar coming and thinks she can’t let Sanskar go inside, else Swara and Sanskar’s love story will start and her planning will fail. Sanskar says he has come to take his signatures. Ragini says I don’t think we shall disturb them. Let them talk and come out. Laksh asks Swara why she is not telling anything. He asks her to accept his condition . Sanskar waits outside. She asks what is the time? Sanskar says 11:30.

Laksh says I won’t let you go before you fulfill my condition. He says lets start our relation. He introduces himself as Lucky and forwards his hand for friendship. Swara shakes hand with him. Swara thanks him for understanding her circumstances. Laksh says Swara and Laksh’s friendship with no blackmailing. He asks her to wipe her tears and smile. Swara wipes her tears. Ragini tells Sanskar that she will go and see, and asks him to stand outside as Laksh is still angry with him. Sanskar says okay. Sanskar hears Laksh laughing. Swara asks why you are laughing? She laughs. Laksh continues to laugh. He applies color on her face. Laksh says you are looking cute. Swara beats him. Ragini gets tensed thinking they have became friends again. Swara laughs.

Annapurna and Sujata come to Baadi. Annapurna asks Sujata to do as she says. Dadi sees them and greets them. Ragini tells Sanskar that only Laksh can make Swara laugh heavily and says may be Laksh has convinced Swara to unite. Sanskar gets sad. Ragini continues to instigate him against Swara and fills his ears against her. She says lets congratulate them. Sanskar says I have to go to court to submit these papers. Ragini says you said that you have to take Laksh’s sign. Sanskar says I will take later. Ragini says Laksh is very happy today, and asks Sanskar you also loves her. She says I understand your pain as I love Laksh. She says it is our duty to unite them. Sanskar leaves without meeting them. Ragini thinks it is good that he left. She says I was pained and nobody saw my pain.

Dadi asks if everything is fine? She says Ragini…..Sujata says nothing is fine. Annapurna says we came for important talk and asks Dadi to sit. Annapurna says we are coming from farmhouse now and tells everything. Dadi is shocked and says you might have some understanding. Sujata says they have seen with their own eyes. Dadi says sometimes what we see is not right. Annapurna says you are right but…..Dadi says it is not necessary that whatever appears infront of our eyes are true.

Laksh and Swara come out happily. Ragini is tensed and asks Swara what happened? Swara says Laksh asked her to return to her life and said that he will never force her to return. Ragini looks on. Swara says he don’t want anything from me except friendship. Ragini tells her that Sanskar came, but then left. She says he left after hearing your laugh. She says may be he has a misunderstanding that you both got together. Swara says I will call him. Ragini says lets go and celebrate. We will have icecream. Swara says 1 min and turns to Laksh. She asks him to forgive Ragini. Laksh says I forgave her from heart. Swara asks him to give a chance to Ragini. Laksh apologizes and says I can’t accept your sayings. Swara asks but why? When I can give you a chance, then why can’t you? She says Ragini loves you very much and she has done everything for love. She asks him to have maturely towards Ragini. Laksh agrees to give a chance to Ragini. Swara and Ragini are happy.

Ragini is happy and says you are ready to give me a chance. Laksh says I lied to Swara and says I still want her but not by force. You have taught me that everything is fair in love and war. 

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