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Swaragini 13th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar shooting Rajat. Rajat is about to fall, and holds Swara’s hand to make her fall with him in the river. Swara shouts Sanskar and holds the branch of tree. Sanskar runs and asks Swara to give her hand. Sanskar tries to hold her hand. Rajat is seen holding Swara’s leg. Rajat says I will not die alone, but will take Swara with me. He pulls Swara towards him and they fall in the river. Swara says I love you Sanskar before falling in the river. Ragini, Laksh, and Durga Prasad come there and is shocked to see Swara falling in river. Ragini cries. Sanskar is shocked and recalls Swara’s words that they will be together all their life. He reminisces their lovely moments, and jumps in the river to save his wife. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar searches for Swara in the water. Laksh asks him to come back and asks if you have gone mad. Inspector comes and says we got Swara’s chain. Swara recalls making Swara wear it and breaks down tearfully. Ragini hugs Shekhar and cries. Sanskar cries and shouts Swara. Durga Prasad asks did you get Rajat? Inspector says river is flowing high, we didn’t get both. Sanskar faints. Inspector says I will call ambulance.

Adarsh brings Utara home, along with Sujata and Annapurna. Sujata asks Adarsh where is Parineeta? Adarsh says she went to temple. Inspector asks Rajat’s fake parents. Parineeta comes to their rescue and introduces herself to Inspector. She says when she was kidnapped, she talked to them and they said that they are with Rajat for money. He says I don’t want to file complaint against them. She requests the Inspector to end the case and forgive them. Inspector gets a call. Parineeta asks them not to take her name infront of Police. Inspector says okay, I will not arrest them and leaves. Parineeta thanks Inspector and looks on.

Sujata asks Adarsh, if he comes to know about Swara. Adarsh nods no and asks her to wait patiently. Laksh keeps unconscious Sanskar in the car. Durga Prasad tells Shekhar that Annapurna called and told that Sumi is unwell. Shekhar says what I will tell them. Laksh asks Ragini to go with Shekhar and be with them. Durga Prasad says our Swara will return for sure. Shekhar cries. Laksh asks them not to lose strength for family. Laksh asks Ragini to go with Baadi and asks her not to lose hope. Ragini says I know Swara will come back, my heart says she is fine whereever she is. She says Papa ji said right. She has to come for us. They leave.

Parineeta comes home. Adarsh says you took a lot of time. Sujata asks her to distribute prasad among them. Annapurna gets a call and is shocked. Sujata asks what happened? Annapurna says he told that Sanskar is unwell and he is bringing him home. She says I am not feeling well. She says Adarsh…Swara might be fine naa. Adarsh asks her not to worry.

Sumi is restless in her home. Dadi asks her to rest and says they will come soon. She says we would have stayed there. Sumi says Ragini promised me that she will bring Swara back. Dadi says nothing will happen. She asks Sumi to sit down seeing Shekhar and Ragini coming home. Sumi asks where is Swara? Ragini cries miserably and wopes her tears. She tells herself that she can’t lose strength as she has to tell truth to Sumi. Shekhar asks Dadi about Sumi’s health. Dadi says Doctor said that her BP has increased. Sumi asks where is Swara? Shekhar says please forgive me….Sumi asks if Swara refused to come here and went to her sasural directly. Shekhar cries and says she will not come. Sumi asks him to go and bring her. Ragini tells Sumi that Rajat took Swara near the river. Sanskar shots Rajat and he pulled Swara along with him and drowned in the river. She says Police got Swara’s pendant, but didn’t get her body. Sumi is shocked. Dadi says what happened God? My grand daughter. Sumi slaps Ragini and says how can you call your sister as body. Ragini cries.

Sumi says she is my Shona, your sister…take her name. Ragini says I mean to say…..Sumi asks her not to come near her. Ragini cries and says Maa. Shekhar says Mishti and cries. Sumi asks where is our Shona? Shekhar apologizes and cries helplessly. Dadi cries and asks God, why this has happened to my family. She blames Sumi’s unborn child for the happenings. Sumi cries badly. Shekhar seems to be coming in her talks. Dadi calls the baby inauspicious and says he has eaten my grand daughter before birth. Sumi cries badly, hugging Ragini.

Inspector tells Maheshwari family that water flow was high that day, and they got Rajat’s body, but not of Swara. Sanskar is shocked. Sahil sees Swara’s body on the bank of river and jumps in to save her.

Written Update by H Hasan

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