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Swaragini 12th April 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parineeta asking Adarsh why did he bring sweet when he don’t want to buy any gift for her. Adarsh says I didn’t forget and thought that this will be special for you. Everyone looks on. Adarsh goes. Guest invites Annapurna for their visarjan ritual and goes. Annapurna says okay. Surekha tells Parineeta that she has done wrong by hurting Adarsh. Sanskar says Bhaiyya haven’t taken this at last moment. Laksh says he told that he used to give special gifts to you every year. Sanskar says he wanted to give your childhood memories, as you had told him about your favorite kalakhand from patna’s favorite shop. Laksh says he wanted you to break fast with this. Parineeta gets touched. Sanskar says we have brought gift only 2 hours back, but Adarsh is planning since 5 days. Surekha says this gift is precious. Laksh says our gift is nothing infront of this gift. Sujata says what you both are doing? Your wives will get angry. Swara says mom…Ragini brings Adarsh there. He breaks her fast by making her eat the sweet. Parineeta gets teary eyed. Adarsh goes.

Surekha tells Parineeta that everything will be fine. Dadi tells Annapurna that they will also leave now. Annapurna thanks her. She says we will go to Jyoti’s home and come. Sujata asks Parineeta to rest at home. Annapurna says who will stay with her. Sujata says she is not a kid, and servants are here to help her. She says swara and Ragini have to come. They leave.

Dadi drinks water and asks Sumi, why did Shekhar go to shop early. Sumi says there are many customers today. Dadi says everything was good after many days. Sumi says yes and says I will bring tea for you. Dadi stops her and clicks her photo in marwady attire. He says I am very happy as both of our daughters are happy. Sumi says yes, but says I felt bad for Parineeta. Dadi says she was shocked to hear Parineeta scolding Adarsh.

Everyone come back home. Sujata says we will break fast. Annapurna asks about Parineeta and Adarsh. Surekha says they are in room and will solve the misunderstanding first. All the men of the house make their life partner have sweets. Sanskar says I hope you don’t talk bitter about me after eating this Gewar. Surekha tells Utara to eat sweet and break fast. Utara refuses. Ragini tells Annapurna that she will send Parineeta and Adarsh food. Utara says I will take it. Ragini says okay. Durga Prasad, Sanskar, Ram and Laksh make their wives break fast. Surekha hopes Parineeta and Adarsh have food too. Parineeta asks Adarsh to have food. He refuses. Utara gives food plate to Parineeta and asks them to sort out their differences. Parineeta apologizes to him and holds her ears. Adarsh agrees and asks her to make him eat kalakhand with her hands. Parineeta makes him eat. Adarsh makes her sit and feeds her food. Parineeta thanks him and says she felt bad when Ragini and Swara’s dadi have taunted her. Adarsh asks her to ignore people’s taunts, and says you are elder bahu and most important.

Utara goes out to meet someone and collides with Swara. She says she will break fast with his hand. Swara sees them from a window, but couldn’t sees his face. The man removes his helmet to kiss Utara, but she goes inside. Sanskar comes to room and asks her if she is seeing something interesting through window. Swara thinks she can’t tell about Utara and her boyfriend to Sanskar. Laksh and Ragini come there, and says Adarsh and Parineeta have food. Sanskar and Laksh eat sweets for winning the bet. Laksh makes Ragini have sweets. Swara laughs.

Surekha shares her worries with Annapurna about Parineeta. Annapurna says nothing will happen. Later Annapurna asks Parineeta to kneed the floor. Parineeta looks upset.

Written Update by H Hasan

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