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Swaragini 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara running to Sanskar and hugging him after his engagement with Kavita. Everyone get shocked. Kavita looks shocked too. Swara opens eyes and it was her dream. Sujata asks Kavita to take everyone’s blessings. Kavita takes everyone’s blessings. Sumi sees Swara crying and asks if she is fine. Swara leaves from there, saying she will meet her in house. She runs from there. Sanskar, laksh and everyone see her crying. Swara recalls Kavita holding Sanskar’s hands and getting engaged to him. She runs on the road and comes to Baadi cryingly. She rests on her bed and cries. She finds someone throwing paper ball inside the room. She reads it and comes to window to see Sanskar. Sanskar looks at her and leaves.

Shekhar asks Sumi, how is Swara? Sumi says I met her. She said she wants to be alone. She says Sanskar came to left us and respects us a lot, but he didn’t come inside. Shekhar says it was difficult for him also. Sumi asks Dadi if she wants milk. Urvashi says she will bring milk for her like Janki used to give, and says she will massage her feet also. Urvashi looks at her sister’s photo. Urvashi taunts Sumi and says Ragini and Swara got married at the same time, but today Ragini is happy and Swara….unhappy. She taunts Swara and says divorce woman’s life is like this only and even her father can’t let her stay. Swara apologizes to Sumi. Sumi says you haven’t done wrong. Swara says I didn’t know that I will fall in love twice, and says her relation with Sanskar was for life, very pure and mature. She says I accept that I haven’t realize his love before, but later I felt that he is really my soul mate. Whatever I have felt for Sanskar, haven’t felt for anyone else. She then thinks she should not blame Sanskar and Kavita and says she shall sleep. Shekhar comes to Swara’s room and sees her sleeping. Once he goes, Swara opens eyes and cries again looking at the paper which Sanskar had thrown in her room.

Kavita hugs Sanskar and asks why you haven’t sing my song. It was good though. Sanskar says it seems rain will come, and asks her to have her medicine. Kavita says may be many things have changed in these years and asks him to say. Sanskar says if I tell you anything, then you will catch my lie. Kavita asks him not to think that she is weak or can’t bear any truth. She asks why you haven’t sing our song. Sanskar says I didn’t sing our song because…………..Sanskar says I forgot that song’s lyrics. Kavita says you have scared me. Swara recalls Sanskar’s engagement and cries. She looks at her phone for the messages for Sanskar message. Just then she hears a sound and goes out. Urvashi cries and says her jiji is very angry. Dadi comes. Urvashi and everyone come to room and see the photo frame broken on floor. Urvashi says I told you that Jiji is not happy and that’s why her photos had fallen. She says her soul is restless. Shekhar says may be some window might be open. Urvashi asks why only Janki’s photo frame is broken and why not others. She cries and says my jiji is very sad. She says a big thunderstorm is going to come shocking everyone.

Sanskar sees the pillar about to fall on Swara and rush to rescue her. Kavita looks on shocked. Swara says I love you…Sanskar proposes her for marriage and they hug each other. Laksh asks Ragini to wear maang tika like before. Ragini gets touched.

Written Update By H Hasan


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