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Swaragini 12th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Ragini blaming Kavita for trapping Swara. Urvashi says you are showing love on your sister today and reminds of her past doings. Ragini says you killed my maasi and don’t have any humanity. Sanskar asks Ragini not to talk to her and fall to her level. He says he talked to Lawyer and Swara is innocent. He says we will get answers soon. He tells Kavita that she will not be successful in separating them, and he will get to the root of the problem. Kavita says if you think this, then I will leave. Sanskar says you will not go anywhere and will be here. Ragini says I won’t leave you and you will get punished. Kavita says okay, if you want to accuse me, then I will go after cleaning my name from the accusations. Sujata says I don’t know whose bad eye fell on our happiness. What we will say to relatives? Ram asks her to shut up. Sanskar says I will go and meet Swara. Ragini says I will also accompany you. Sumi says I will also come. Ragini asks her to stay at home. Laksh says he will be at home with everyone and asks them to go. Sumi cries.

Ragini meets Swara in Police station. She asks her to think if Kavita went somewhere from the bakery. Ragini says no and says she must have sent someone else to kill Urvashi. Swara says no, and says Sanskar saw Kavita always and she have done the murder. Ragini says I got strength from you to do right. I also know the tricks and will use my brain to expose Kavita. Sanskar also comes and says he will get to know the truth. Ragini says it is my turn now to win. Swara asks from where you will start. Sanskar and Ragini come to the bakery. Ragini tells Sanskar that Kavita ordered the cake and sat on that couch. She says Kavita didn’t know that she was following her. Sanskar says she said that you had followed her. They get inside the bakery and try to enquire about Kavita. The manager says that she had ordered two- three cakes and then sat on that couch. Sanskar sees the view and thinks manager couldn’t see that view properly as it is far. Sanskar says there must be some place from where she had went. They get inside the storeroom and try to enquire about the way out. The man says there is no way here and asks them to leave. Sanskar loses his patience and thinks how can Kavita go and kill Urvashi.

Ragini asks him not to lose hope. Sanskar comes to Police station and meets Swara. Swara hugs him and asks him to take her out from there. Sanskar says we will get some proofs anyhow. He thinks about his conversation with lawyer and he recalls lawyer saying that he needs concrete proofs. He says it was clear in the CCTV footage that blood was on Swara’s hand. Sanskar says it was sindoor mixed in water. Lawyer says only we know this, but needs proofs. He tells Swara that he will take her out. Swara says Lawyer is not having any proofs. She cries again. Sanskar hugs her and promises to take her out anyhow. He asks her not to lose strength and promise him.

Servant tells that decorators came to meet Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad says we will call you when needed. Sujata worries. Sanskar comes home. Ragini asks him about Swara. Sanskar goes near Kavita and suffocates her neck. He asks how did you kill Maasi and trapped Swara. Kavita says I haven’t done anything. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to leave her. Sanskar leaves Kavita. Kavita says I will not stay here even for a min. Sanskar says no, you won’t go anywhere. He says if you think that you will play your tricks after going from here, then you are wrong. He says you will stay here infront of us. He sees decorators taking out the decorations. Kavita thinks I want you to keep me infront of your eyes, and that’s why I have trapped Swara. She says her life is in my hand now. Ragini asks Sanskar, what he is doing? If anything happens to Kavita then what will happen to Swara. Sanskar says lawyer told me that if Swara get jailed then the punishment will be severe like Kaala paani. He says today is her hearing and we don’t have any proof. Sanskar says Swara is in jail and we all are over. He looks at Swara’s photo and leaves. Ragini looks at her photo and says I won’t let anything happen to you Swara.

She sees Laksh going and wonders where he is going? Sanskar asks Ragini if she is going to meet swara. Ragini says yes, and says she is taking food for her. She asks if you will come. Sanskar nods no. Ragini brings food for Swara and asks her to eat food. She says last time I didn’t let your marriage happen, but this time I will hold your hand and will take you to mandap. Swara asks about Sanskar. Ragini says he will not be at peace till he takes you out from here. She says he is trying to find the proofs, and says we will get it. Swara says my all activities were captured in the CCTV, then why Kavita’s activities were not captured. She says there is something wrong. Ragini says there is one way.

Ragini comes to the hotel and searches for proof in the trash bin. Sanskar talks to the lawyer. Lawyer says how we will proof. Ragini gets tissue paper with which Swara wiped the hand. They sent the tissue paper to the forensic lab and gets the report that it was sindoor and not blood. Ragini tells Sanskar that they will free Swara now. Lawyer nods no and says they need prove which are not in their hand. Later Swara gets imprisoned and gets transferred to other jail. Swara is taken away in jail, and Ragini and Sanskar looks helplessly. Ragini cries. Swara looks at Sanskar shockingly with teary eyes.

Sanskar looks at Swara’s photo and recalls her arrest etc. Kavita comes to his room. Sanskar asks how dare you to come to my room, get out. Kavita says I can understand your pain and that’s why came to help you. She says I forgot to tell you something. I have a way to save Swara. Sanskar asks what proof? Kavita says I can prove that Swara haven’t murdered Urvashi. Sanskar asks how you will prove? Kavita says you have to agree to my condition to save Swara. You have to give price for Swara’s independence. Sanskar asks what price? Kavita says she doesn’t need money and asks him to marry her.

Sanskar asks Kavita where she kept the proofs and tries finding it. Later Ragini and Sanskar come to the bakery and restage that incident. Ragini says they can get caught. Police comes there. Later Laksh informs Ragini that Sanskar is getting ready for marriage shocking Ragini.

Written Update By H Hasan


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