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Swaragini 11th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Swara thinking Utara has read the chit and knows Rajat’s truth now. Sanskar tells Inspector who comes in formal dress, that Rajat’s goons is having guns and are indisguise of a waiter. Rajat asks Utara to marry him quietly. Utara refuses to marry him. Rajat calls his goon and asks him to shoot Durga Prasad first. Goons agrees. Parineeta feels bad and thinks when did I become wrong and did a big mistake. She fears if Rajat or his fake parents tell everything to her family then everything will be ruined. She blames Swaragini for the happenings, and thinks why did they interfere and everyone will think of me as villain. Rajat asks the goon to wait for his sign and asks Utara to marry him. Annapurna comes to room and sees Rajat holding Utara at gun point. She is shocked. Utara asks her to go from there, and says Rajat is dangerous. Annapurna asks Rajat to leave her and says this marriage will not happen. Rajat says this marriage will happen and I will not leave her. Annapurna asks him to keep the gun down and leave Utara. Rajat slaps Annapurna and the gun falls on the floor.

Swara tries to go to Utara’s room, but she comes back seeing goon. She tells Sanskar that goon is hiding there. Sanskar goes to talk to Inspector. Parineeta thinks to tell the truth to everyone. Swara is coming towards Utara’s room. Annapurna tells Rajat to leave Utara, else she will shoot him. Rajat asks her to shoot. Annapurna shoots at Rajat. Utara gets shot. Everyone is shocked. Sujata shouts Utara. Utara falls down unconscious on the bed. Swara comes and shouts Utara….Rajat holds Swara and says I will not leave you. Annapurna asks him to leave her. Rajat says no, I will not leave her. He snatches gun from Annapurna’s hand. Sanskar, Laksh and everyone come there.

Sanskar asks Rajat to leave Swara. Rajat refuses. Sujata asks who is this man? Rajat says I am in a hurry right now, but Annapurna will tell you everything. He asks them not to come infront else he will kill Swara, and his men will kill Parineeta. Everyone is shocked. Ragini says you can’t harm Parineeta, and says she is saved. Rajat says so you have rescued her, but you can’t rescue Swara. He says let me take Swara with me from here. He keeps gun on Swara and asks everyone to back off. Police comes and keeps gun on Rajat’s gun. Goons also comes and keeps gun on Police. Sanskar asks Rajat to take him instead. Rajat refuses and pulls Swara. Sanskar leaves her hand.

Ragini asks him to leave her sister and take her instead. Everyone is shocked. Laksh also asks him to leave Swara. Rajat asks them not to move and asks Swara to come silently. Everyone is shocked. Rajat escapes with Swara. Laksh and Sanskar fights with the goons. Police arrests the goons. Ragini says she will se Utara. Sujata tells Adarsh that Utara is shot. Adarsh says her injury is not deep as the bullet just touched her. Annapurna asks her to calm down. Adarsh calls her. Ragini tells Sujata that she is going to bring Swara. Sumi asks Ragini to promise that she will bring Swara. Ragini promises that she will bring Swara and goes. Laksh, Sanskar and everyone try to open the door.

Parineeta is outside the house. Swara asks Parineeta to go, and says Rajat has locked everyone. Rajat says if she will help you, and says she hates you very much. Parineeta asks him not to tell her anything. Swara is shocked and says you know everything. Rajat says it was her game plan to make you fall in everyone’s eyes and become great infront of everyone. He hits Parineeta with his gun and takes Swara in the car. Parineeta gets unconscious. Sanskar leaves in his car. Laksh and Ragini sit in the police jeep and goes. Adarsh tries to wake up Parineeta and takes her to hospital.

In the hospital, Doctor tells that the bullet just touched her body. Utara asks about Swara. Sujata says Rajat has kidnapped Swara and took her. Utara says it was all my mistake and apologizes to everyone. Parineeta thinks about planning with Rajat. She tells Utara not to say that. Adarsh asks her to take rest. Parineeta asks her to move on forgetting her mistakes. Sujata asks what are you saying and says everyone is trapped in this condition. We didn’t know where is Swara and in which condition. She says we will try to forget then. Annapurna says everything will be fine.

Sanskar shoots at Rajat. Rajat holds Swara’s hand and falls with her in the river. Sanskar couldn’t save Swara from falling off the cliff and shouts Swara…

Written Update by H Hasan

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