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Swaragini 11th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Laksh refusing to give first aid box to Sanskar. Sanskar, Ragini and Swara feel bad about his behavior. Kavya waves bye to the media persons. She thinks if Ragini have any self respect or not. She asks Laksh to come and they leave. Sanskar tells that he will go and check that place. Annapurna feels bad about Ragini and says Laksh has become puppet and don’t talk to anyone. Swara says yes, and says it seems like he has become her puppet. Swara asks manager to make 2 cheques of 20 Lakhs. She asks Laksh to tell him. Laksh says the same thing. Kavya asks him to sign. Laksh signs on the cheques. Kavya says lets go home baby. Laksh says lets go home baby. He repeats the same thing just as she said. Kavya makes Laksh sit in office. Sanskar tells Ram that the house is near the court and asks if he knows any info about it. Ram says I don’t know and asks him to talk to Durga Prasad. Kavya hears them and asks Laksh to come. Just then she hears Sanskar speaking about plot no 211.

Kavya gets scared and thinks they are getting info about me. Sanskar thinks to find out and recalls all the happenings. Sanskar says that girl is Kavya who was with photographer in the pic. He thinks Kavya have come with a purpose. He thinks why Laksh is behaving like a puppet, if Kavya is giving him any drug. Laksh collides with Sanskar. Sanskar goes. Laksh comes to Ram and says he will handle the meeting as…..Durga Prasad says as this house and business are on your name and asks him not to remind them again and again. Laksh says yes. He says I will leave after breakfast. Ram tells Durga Prasad that everything belongs to him now, and don’t know what to do as he is trapped by that girl. Durga Prasad says everyone learns with time. Kavya tells Laksh that she will be alone. Laksh asks her to come with him. Kavya says no, and asks him to go. She says she will help Annapurna with some puja and says she will do her duty as a bahu. Laksh hugs her and says you think so much about them. Kavya hugs him and thinks it will be a big blast.

Shekhar talks to Dada ji. Dadi tells that tomorrow is a big day and hopes Ragini likes the groom. Sumi says she has done the arrangement. Shekhar tells them that groom stays in USA and they have a house in Kolkata. Ragini gets upset. Sumi calls Swara and tells that they have done all the arrangements. Swara says she would have come, but Annapurna have kept 16 somwar puja, and says she is very happy for Ragini. Sumi gives the call to Ragini. Swara asks Ragini to move on in life and says you still love Laksh, but he has done a mistake by choosing Kavya. She asks her to meet that guy and give him a chance, never knows that he is her Mr. right. Ragini promises to meet that guy. She says she is missing her angel. Swara says this Ragini is very strong and don’t get scared of anyone. She says angel can’t come there now, and you have to manage it all alone now, as I know that you can manage. She says I am missing you, but is helpless. She says sorry to her. Swaragini plays……..Ragini asks her not to say sorry and take care of everyone.

Kavya tells Annapurna that she will take part in the puja and made something. Swara says don’t know what she has mixed in it. Sujata says she has seen in the TV shows how a bahu gives poison etc. Kavya starts crying. Laksh comes and asks what happened? Kavya says I made food for them in the morning and they are saying that it is having poison. Laksh asks what is all this? He says he will taste it and show. Sujata says you will not have this food, and asks Kavya to eat. She says we can lose Kavya, but not you. Laksh says chachi please and eats it. He holds his head. Swara and others are tensed.

Guy’s mum sees ring in Ragini’s finger and asks why did they call them when Ragini haven’t forgotten her first husband. Dadi shouts stop it and promises to get her married within 15 days. Kavya lights her pallu with fire and shouts.

Written Update By H Hasan


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