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Swaragini 11th January 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Swara coming to Urvashi’s room and asks if she called her. Urvashi gives her work. Swara hangs the photo frames on the wall. Swara sees Janki and Shekhar’s photos. Urvashi says the dead people shouldn’t think that we have forgotten them. She says if my jiji was alive then she would not have let you do this. Shekhar says Ragini had married Laksh forcibly and says you don’t know about Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. He asks Swara to come, and asks Urvashi not to say anything if she doesn’t know. Urvashi apologizes to Swara. Shekhar takes Swara with her.

Sanskar opens the window and hears cuckoo’s voice. He recalls Swara asking him to make a wish hearing a sound. He thinks he can’t wish anything even though he wants to. Swara is crying in her room. She hears cuckoo’s voice and asks it to go. She makes a wish to make Sanskar strong and don’t let him feel any guilt on his decision. She cries badly asking Cuckoo to go else she will wish something for herself.

Gadodia family come with Swara to Maheshwari house. Swara greets Durga Prasad and Annapurna and says she is fine. She says whatever Sanskar is doing is right. Ram asks Shekhar to feel proud of his daughter. Shekhar says sure, and looks at Swara smile. Sujata asks Dadi to drink the sherbet and says she made it for her. She asks about Urvashi. Urvashi says she is Ragini’s Maasi. Sujata says we didn’t know that Sumi has a sister. Urvashi says she is Janki’s sister. Sujata asks them to have sherbet. She sees Swara and goes to her. She says you are really a brave girl and God should always keep you happy. Swara smiles. Ragini sees Urvashi and hugs her. She says I am happy that you came to my house on my invitation and asks if she liked her sasural. Urvashi signs yes. Ragini sees Swara and comes to her. She says you have come here to prove me wrong and says you and Sanskar can’t be one. It will be difficult for you as it had happened twice. She says everything will be fine soon. Swara thanks her for the concern and says she should have make herself understand. She asks her to live her own life and not interfere in her life. Laksh hears them. Ragini goes. Swara greets him. Laksh says I couldn’t keep up my promise and couldn’t take care of Sanskar. Swara says it is okay as someone is here to take care of him (Kavita).

Everyone see Sanskar and Kavita coming downstairs. Kavita holds his hand. Sanskar feels uncomfortable. Swara tries to be unaffected. Sanskar and Kavita come and stand for their engagement ritual. Someone says lets start the engagement function. Sujata gives the ring to Kavita. Kavita looks at the ring. Sanskar and Swara looks at each other. Kavita places ring on his finger. Sanskar picks the ring to make her wear the ring. Swara looks on sadly.

Kavita tells Sanskar that the ring is fallen. Everyone searches for the ring. It falls near Swara’s feet. Swara picks the ring and gives it in Sanskar’s hand. Kavita thanks Swara. Swara says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. Kavita says even Sanskar says the same. Ragini asks them to do the engagement. Sanskar makes Kavita wear the ring. Kavita announces that Sanskar will sing song for her and reminds of his promise, asks him to sing her favorite song. Sanskar sings Kabhi Khawahishon ka maara………….Manchala………He recalls the moments with Swara….and imagines dancing with her. Swara couldn’t control her emotions and hugs Sanskar. Sanskar hugs her back. Everyone is shocked. They have an intense hug. Laksh smiles at their union. Swara looks cryingly.

Swara says I love you Sanskar and hugs him. Sanskar proposes her for marriage. Laksh sees Ragini’s clothes catching fire and shouts. Ragini is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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