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Swaragini 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Kavya telling that everything is happening because of Ragini. Annapurna asks her to stop it. Ragini follows the man and sees him opening Karthik studio. She thinks she has to find out about the man. Kavya lies and acts to protect Annapurna. Sanskar says my Maa haven’t done anything. Sujata says Kavya is lying. Inspector says you people have old thinking and can do anything. Durga Prasad says we have old thinking, but we do understand new culture also, and says they think of bahu as their beti. Kavya tells Laksh that she don’t lie. Laksh says Kavya never lies and acts like hypnotized puppet. Kavya says even Swara is not saying anything against them as she knows that this was happening in the house from before. Sanskar says Swara can’t speak now and tells Inspector that she will give her statement later.

Ragini comes inside the studio and asks the photographer to take her photo as it is necessary to get her hall ticket. Photographer agrees. Sujata is shocked and thinks Kavya has stoop to low level. Annapurna gets worried for Swara. Sanskar tells Laksh that Annapurna is hurt because of Kavya. He says you have stood against Ragini when she tried to insult annapurna, and asks why he didn’t say anything when Kavya was blaming Annapurna. Laksh says just because Kavya never lies, and goes. Sanskar asks what happened to him? Annapurna feels bad and tells that last time Laksh took a stand for her, but today…..Kavya comes to Swara’s room and says she is feeling bad for her. She says you can’t talk, but can hear. She says there is so questions going on in your mind, why am I doing all this and how? She says vamp’s truth will not be revealed as this is real life and I will not tell you anything. Ragini happens to see that man’s childhood pic with a girl and says it is his childhood pic.

Kavya tells Swara that humans and relations will burn in the fire. Ragini takes the photo and wonders Kavya’s relation with the man. Kavya says it is my guarantee that this will happen. Durga Prasad tells Sanskar that they shall call the doctor as Swara couldn’t speak till now. Sujata says she made kada for her and says she might be feeling restless as she couldn’t talk. Ram says you gets restless and not her. They ask her to take care. Annapurna asks Swara to drink kada and promise to give chocolate. Sanskar promises her as well. Swara drinks kada. Annapurna asks her to rest and goes along with Sujata. Sanskar asks her to rest and closes the door. Swara calls his name. Sanskar gets happy hearing her voice and hugs her. He says I missed your fights and lecture. Swara recalls Kavya’s threat and tries to tell Sanskar. Sanskar asks her not to talk and rest. He gets Ragini’s call and she informs them about the photographer. Swara says we can’t let Kavya succeed.

Ragini meets Sanskar and Swara and shows her the pic on mobile. Kavya gives interview to media. She asks Laksh to tell about their first meeting. Laksh says it was love at first side. The media person insists to see the house. Ragini’s feet gets hurt. Sanskar asks Ragini to come inside the house. Ragini refuses. Sanskar sees Laksh coming out with Kavya and asks him to bring first aid box. Laksh looks like a zombie. Swara shouts asking him to bring first aid box, but Laksh looks numb.

Groom’s family rejects Ragini due to something. Dadi promises to get her married with 15 days.

Written Update By H Hasan


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