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Swaragini 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Sanskar saying it is good that Ragini and Laksh have left. He says he was giving them hint. Swara says nothing can happen as she is also going. Sanskar says 5 mins is enough for him and puts ointment. Kavita comes and halts their romance. Sujata calls Sanskar so he leaves. Kavita asks if she is feeling pain of electric shock. Swara says yes. Kavita says I will say bye to Sanskar and goes. Swara says only that person can know that I felt electric shock. She says Kavita is the one who hit me. Kavita thinks how can I make mistake and asked her about the shock. She thinks to do something. Swara says I shall tell this to Sanskar, but then stops herself. She says I shall tell this to elder family member. Later Swara tells Sanskar and Annapurna that Kavita hit on her head yesterday. Annapurna says you didn’t tell me anything. Swara says Sanskar’s doubt was confirmed yesterday. Sanskar says that’s why she found Swara in the cupboard. He says he will call Police. Swara says we have to be careful. Annapurna says we will keep an eye on Kavita and will send her after sangeet. If she doesn’t go, then we will take action. She asks Swara to get ready as sangeet will start now. Annapurna leaves. Sanskar turns his face. Swara apologizes to him and says Kavita was doing this with Urvashi. So we both were right. Sanskar hugs her and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He asks her to take care of herself and tell him first if she makes any plan. He says you are my life…..if anything happens to you then I get mad. Swara says nothing will happen and I will take care of myself.

Ragini comes inside the room and sees them together. She says Maa is calling them. Swara says hi to Kavita and says she is going to get ready for sangeet. Ragini says Kavita is a nice girl. Kavita thinks Swara isn’t doubtful on her. Swara says she behaved normally so that she don’t doubt.

Swara makes Ragini ready for her sangeet. She makes her wear jewellery and etc. Ragini says my Pallu. Swara says it is good without Pallu, and asks her to let it be. Ragini asks Swara to sit and says she will get her ready. Ragini makes Swara wear the earring. Swara shouts. Ragini asks if she got hurt. Swara laughs. Ragini makes her wear mangtika etc. Swaragini song plays……………….Swara says you made me get ready. Ragini gets teary eyes and says I have done bad with you, and can’t apologize for that. Swara asks her to forget it. She wipes her tears as well. Ragini asks what happened to you. Swara asks do you have copy right for crying. She says I always want this. Ragini says then you should have cried before. Swara says I wanted this, sisters talk, get ready together, and getting married in a single mandap. Ragini says it is like our dream is fulfilled. They hug each other. Ragini says everything is good. Even Kavita have moved on in her life. Swara says no…Ragini looks on. Swara tells her everything. Ragini is shocked. Swara says this is truth. She asks her to keep an eye on Kavita. Ragini asks her to come. Sumi calls Swara. Ragini and Swara says coming maa. They smile and go out.

Ragini and Swara come downstairs. Uttara stops them and takes their photo. Uttara asks Ragini to ask Laksh to come. Ragini says Laksh’s suit is given for ironing. Kavita says she got his suit pressed and says ask him to get ready. Ragini comes to her room calling Laksh. She couldn’t find Laksh in room and calls him. Durga prasad asks Swara to come as he wants to introduce her with someone. He introduces her to relatives. Swara keeps a eye on Kavita, but she goes somewhere. Swara looks at her. Urvashi calls Swara and says Kavita is with me. Swara says I know. Urvashi says Kavita is going to do something dangerous tonight.

Urvashi says she is staying in hotel room and tells about the number. Swara says she will not believe her. Urvashi insists. Swara sees Kavita going somewhere and thinks to inform Sanskar first. Swara looks for Sanskar, and calls him, but he doesn’t pick the call. Urvashi shouts safe me. Swara looks tensed. Ragini comes and asks her why she is looking tensed.

Everyone dance on Prem Ratan Dhan Payo song. Kavita kills Urvashi and stabs her. Police comes and arrests Swara. Kavita asks Sanskar to marry her if he wants to save Swara.

Written Update By H Hasan


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