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Swaragini 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini watch online

The Episode starts with Kavita seeing the secret cam and thinks Swara might have forced Sanskar to do this drama. Annapurna asks Laksh why he is doing love drama with Ragini and took her sign with a trick. Laksh says she has signed on Swara and Sanskar’s divorce papers and tells everything. Annapurna says your love have changed Ragini. Laksh is adamant on his decision. Annapurna gives him 3-4 days time to take a decision, and says I will tell everything to her and can’t let this big betrayal happen with her. Laksh calls Ragini and asks if she is ready. Annapurna asks God to give intelligence to Laksh and make him understand that everything is wrong. Kavita says you have cheated me, and says you did wrong. You did forget that I am daughter of the drama woman. Swara looks in the laptop. Sanskar prays that Kavita should be seen in the cam. Some religious group come to the temple. Kavita walks towards them and borrows dupatta from someone. She hides her face and whispers in Sanskar’s ears that she has come as he wanted to meet her. She hides among the group.

Sanskar looks at the people. He walks towards her, but she turns her face. She shouts snake in a different voice. Everyone run from there. Swara wonders why they were running. Kavita looks at Sanskar and elopes. Sanskar couldn’t catch her. Swara comes. Sanskar says I am here. He says Kavita kept her hand on his shoulder and he knows his touch. Swara asks where is she now? Sanskar says I am sure that she saw the camera and hid. Swara says I know that you knew her touch very well…..Sanskar says trust me….you have promised to accept my every word. Swara says you are crossing your limit…just leave it. She says I called Kavita and asks where is she now? She sent me a pic with a date. Sanskar says this is photo shop and says she sent photo with today’s date. Swara says time is wasted and she is going home.

Sanskar asks do you think I am lying to him. Swara says I know that you can’t lie, but your guilt is making you tensed. She gets Dadi’s call. She asks her to reach home fast. Swara says okay…..They leave for home. Urvashi says I was going from home, but just then I heard your mum’s screams. Swara runs to room and sees Sumi wounded. She asks Dadi what happened to her. Sanskar calls Doctor and asks him to come to Baadi right now. Swara blames Sanskar for the happenings, and says I told you that I can’t leave Maa alone, but you had convinced me that nothing will happen to her. She says I would might have saved Maa….

Parineeta and Sujata looks at Swara’s sarees. Uttara says she want to buy a shop for Swara. Ragini is shocked hearing much about her. Laksh tells Ragini that she has done right by signing on the papers. Ragini fears and thinks she should stop this.

Sanskar apologizes to Swara. Swara cries and says I left Maa and was supporting you, but it is enough now. She asks him to come out of Kavita’s madness. Sanskar says madness….She hears Doctor calling her. Doctor says all the marks are of nail piercing, and asks her to take care of her. Swara says okay and thanks him. Urvashi says I will take care of you. Sumi says she heard lori and sings it. Dadi says Janki used to sung it for Ragini.

Swara asks what happened next? Sumi says she thought it is strange and goes to see. It is coming from the closed room. She tells she has seen someone with long hairs and lon nails. She says she had attacked me. Urvashi comes and asks her to have medicine and take rest. Swara looks at her with doubt and tells Sumi that Urvashi had attacked you.

Swara sees someone walking and runs after her. She is shocked to see Janki. Later she finds a mask and wears it. She sees Janki’s mask and is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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